Digesil Nc Silicone Stripper

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Attention: This product cannot be sold to customers within Canada

Digesil stripping agents are unique formulations that remove silicone RTV sealants from metal, ceramic, and plastic substrates. The top silicone producers are GE, Dow, and Wacker. Silicone RTV is difficult to remove completely since it actually bond into surface/substrate.

The typically, sealant removal method requires scraping that results in damaging the substrate. There are also products that try to "dissolve" the sealants but due to their inertness, this does not work. Digesil however, reacts with the polymer chemically and breaks it down so it can be rinsed away without damage to the surface/substrate. This offers significant advantages over other removal methods. Digesil is a specialty blended chemistry that wet and penetrate the silicone polymer and relatively quickly break it down. This depolymerization prevents redeposition of the reaction by-products and allow for easy rinsing.

Digesil is also available as a gel for use in vertical, inverted and non-immersion applications. Digesil is effective at removing silicone RTV sealants at room temperature, is fast acting, has a high flash point for safety and contains less than 0.2% aromatics.

Available in both liquid or gel.
6oz Gel (Pictured)
5lb Gel
1 Gallon Liquid

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Quickly dissolves cured silicone
  • Leaves a silicone free surface
  • Chlorinated and fluorinated solvent free
  • Negligible aromatic solvent content
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Low odor for operator comfort
  • High flash point for safety
  • Low density for ease of handling
  • Rinses with water or solvent
  • Safe on glass, metal, and most plastic (except nylon)
  • Safe on paint and powder coating
  • Water free


This works great for silicon or any caulk removal. Brush it on with small brush( acid brush works best) and let it work for an hour or so, then begin removal with small tools (screwdriver or church key or utility knife). It generally take several applications but it sure beats trying to remove caulk without any caulk softener! Great stuff.

Tim H Verified Purchase


August 1, 2022

This is fantastic as I used it on my RV!

George L
February 17, 2019

This product really does what it claims. I used it on a couple of valve covers and half an hour after application, the RTV is all cracked up and brushes right off with no effect whatsoever on the magnesium valve covers.

February 1, 2016

Used the product to clean up a pressure bulkhead. While not a miracle substance it maked a hard job easier

Anthony S
October 27, 2020

Waste of time and money. Tried it for removal of cured silicone that was used to install a windshield I am replacing. It didnt work at all. Mineral Spirits did a better job - at a dramatically lower cost.

David C Verified Purchase


January 17, 2022

We were attempting to dissolve an adhesive that APPEARED to look and feel like RTV silicon. Apparently, we had miss identified that adhesive--because, the Silicon stripper had NO EFFECT whatsoever on the materiel. We carved out some test adhesive and put in in a bowel for sample testing. No effect after 24 hours. It sure LOOKED like silicon. Oh Well!

James S
March 5, 2020


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Q: Can Digesil be used to remove silicone from shower stall base? If so, which product line should be used and in what quantity?

Digesil is a silicone remover and will work well for silicone on a shower stall. Both Digesil and Polygone are silicone removers and work very well. The Polygone is a liquid, and Digesil is a gel type material. The manufacturer does not have a coverage area listed, but a 6 oz container could probably enough for a regular size shower.

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