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Stewart Systems EkoStrip is an environmentally safe paint stripper that can be sprayed, brushed or rolled on your painted surface. EkoStrip is not solvent borne and does not dry out and stop working overnight. In most cases the stripping action will take place in 2-4 hours. EkoStrip has no harsh odors, is not caustic and is biodegradable.

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Worked very well at removing old paint off 1963 Cessna, the primer was a different story, nothing would take off the primer. I was very happy with this paint remover.

James B
April 6, 2018

Ive used many aircraft paint strippers and this is by far the best. For best results, Ive found that once applied, cover with plastic and leave it on overnight. It also doesnt eat through nitrile gloves like other strippers do. It has a mild almost pleasant smell to it. This stripper has cut the time it takes to strip parts at least in half for me.

Conrad L
August 23, 2017

I agree with James B on removing primer, I am stripping a 1960 172A. I tried covering with plastic and without with not much difference. I do see that if timed just right the primer is softer and can be scraped off but if left on past the point where paint bubbles it flashes and allows the primer to begin setting up. Overall good though. LWN

September 27, 2018


Q: Is this safe to use on plastic and fiberglass parts?

Per supplier: No, it is not recommended for use on either.

Q: Is this safe to use on plastic and fiberglass parts?

Per supplier: No, it is not recommended for use on either.

Q: Is this Ekostrip safe to remove Stewart Systems paint from fabric? (Ceconite)

Per Stewart Systems, paint remover is not recommended for any fabric covered parts.

Q: What temperature range will Stewart Systems Ekostrip work at?

The instructions say to use it between 80 & 100 degrees F. Best results at about 90 degrees F.

Q: What is the best method to deliver the stripper to the aircraft surface? Ideally Id like to spray on. Im considering using an airless paint sprayer (Graco X5). Is this recommended?

Yes, the instructions on the bottle indicate it can be sprayed on.

Q: What is the coverage per gallon of Ekostrip?

A gallon of P/N# 09-03080 will cover about 100 sq ft depending on how heavily it is applied.

Q: Can the Stewarrt Systems Ekostrip be used to strip lacquer based paints?

Per Vendor: As far as we are aware, P/N# E3000G (09-03080) should strip away any type of paint. If it needs, it can be reapplied or left on longer to remove the paint.

Q: I am re painting a beech skipper which has areas that are bonded with epoxy. Will this Stewart Systems Ekostrip stripper affect those joints?

Its best to keep this material away from any epoxy or composite material.

Q: Is this Stewart Systems Ekostrip flammable or combustible?

No, this is not flammable.

Q: Is Ekostrip safe to use on Cessna spring steel landing gear?

Yes. Ekostrip is safe for all metal. It is not safe for fiberglass or composite, and may harm some plastics.

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