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Fabric Pro Digital Covering Fabric Iron

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This digital iron is uniquely designed for heat shrinking fabric onto vintage aircraft and ultralights with fantastic results. The digital temperature control maintains temperature precisely set it and forget it no more calibrating and continuous adjustments. The base plate is twice the thickness of an ordinary iron keeping the temperature uniform across the plate. And the shovel tip will get you in and out of the tightest corners without a wrinkle. Comes with a non-slip pad for setting down while in use, and an insulated storage bag that lets you put the iron away even if the base plate is still warm. Easy to travel with too. The guys will be fighting over who gets to use it so get two!

    Saves Time And Effort
  • Fabric installation on fabric covered aircraft is a time-intensive art form. High dollars and aircraft performance and safety is at stake. The Fabric Pro Digital Iron is designed exclusively for shrinking Ceconite and similar materials. Clothes iron are not the right tool. Having to wait for an iron to get to optimal temperature and re-calibrate it frequently costs you in both labor and hanger time. With the Fabric Pro iron just set and forget...the digital control maintains the set base plate temperature all day and without constant calibration. The proprietary base plate made specifically thicker for aircraft fabric applications ensures more uniform temperatures and better finishes.

    Endorsed by Poly Fiber and Ceconite
  • For years, Poly Fiber and Ceconite, the major manufacturers of heat shrinkable aircraft fabric, searched for reliable household irons that they could recommend with confidence. Unfortunately, the quality of household laundry irons has degraded in recent years, resulting today in unreliable laundry irons that could not be calibrated accurately with the precision necessary for aviation. Thus, these manufacturers consulted with the manufacturer to produce a fabric iron with a built-in temperature feedback loop to insure accurate, consistent temperature. Both Poly Fiber and Ceconite now fully endorse and recommend Fabric Pro Irons.


  • Fabric Pro Digital Iron - Perfomance and Precision
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Excellent on edges and corners
  • Easy to read digital temperature readout
  • Uniform heat plate creates a perfect finish
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The only way to iron fabric. Dont waste your time with a household iron. The manual should not even make that a option. You will waste time chasing Temps. With this iron set and forget. Couldnt be happier.

Thomas M Verified Purchase


May 21, 2022

Has to work better than all the recalibrating the old household irons. Upcoming project.

Andy K Verified Purchase


February 15, 2022

Best iron ever, 30 years of chasing temps. Now with this iron I can just set it and it stays. Nice shape for getting into those hard to reach areas as well.

Pierce A Verified Purchase


November 5, 2021

The Fabric Pro iron exceeded my expectations. Very accurate and easy to use. Neil D.

Neil D Verified Purchase


September 7, 2021

Temperature control is excellent. Overall the FabricPro is a big step up from clothing irons and I strongly recommend it. The FabricPro does have room for improvement: 1) There are too many turns required on the temperature selector dial. Dont require as many clicks to move a degree or incorporate a velocity algorithm in the temperature controller to change the set point faster if youre rapidly turning. 2) the hot plate is bare aluminum so poly brush sticks to it. For ironing tapes youll need a Teflon ironing sheet, which is awkward and slow. 3) I wish that there was a bigger (full size) and smaller sealing-iron sized version too.

Russell W
March 14, 2021

Works great!

Kirk L
March 8, 2021

Love this thing! Easy to use, lightweight, accurate and does not shut off. It is a purpose made tool. I had a hell of a time finding an iron that does not shut off. Lucked out with this item. Would recommend for sure.

Richard S
January 14, 2021

An absolute awesome product.! Finally a ergonomic iron that easy to use with exact maintained temperatures. Light weight, premium shape and has ample power to provide a constant temperature to shrink wing panels quickly with a precise maintained temperature. All fabric manufactures express the need for a maintained temperature to obtain the covering at the proper shrinkage tensions. All other irons will vary their temperature cycles 30 degrees or more. In other word if you set an other type of Iron to the manufactures temp of 250 you will be actually be ironing at temps ranges between 220 to 270 or more. The Fabric Pro Iron eliminates any guess work and faulty fabric tensions down the road with to lose or over tightened fabric coverings. For the price of covering an airplane this Iron is the cheapest best investment you can make!

Gipsy A
November 16, 2020

Nice and light. Smooth handling over fabric, even over 104.

Stewart M
May 21, 2021

Best iron yet BUT the handle gets hot with prolong use. Handle could be insulated.

May 5, 2021


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Q: What size is the heating surface of the iron?

4 inch x 9 inch.

Q: What is the maximum temperature of the Fabric Pro iron?

The max temp for the iron is 355F.

Q: Does this iron have an auto shut-off feature?

No this does not.

Q: Is there’s 240v version available?

No, unfortunately this is not available in 240v.

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