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Part# 09-02001


1.87 oz lightweight fabric recommended for covering ultralight aircraft. This fabric will be unstamped. It is not approved for certified aircraft except on plywood surface. 72" Width. Priced and sold by the yard.


  • Thread Count 90 x 76/in
  • Weight 1.87 oz/sq yd
  • Breaking Strength Avg 69 lbs/in
  • Bursting Strength 156 psi
  • Tear Strength Warp 66 lbs, Fill 72 lbs
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I am using this material to cover vintage model airplanes and vintage model sailplanes. I finish with nitrate and butyrate dopes. Since I am building some pretty large sailplanes I wanted fabric in long enough lengths to cover the span of the wings without having to piece fabric together. I am happy with this product!

August 9, 2018


Q: Is the uncertified light polyfiber fabric sold by the square foot or by the running foot?

Neither, it is priced and sold by the running yard. The width is 72".

Q: What is the weight of your uncertified fabric, strength, specs, etc?

Here are the specs:

  • Thread count: 90x76/in
  • Weight: 1.87 oz/sq yd
  • Breaking strength: Avg 69lbs/in
  • Burst strength: 156 psi
  • Tear strength: warp 66lbs, fill 72 lbs

Q: So, would one running yd. be 36 inches x 72 inches in the Poly Fiber 1.78 covering?

Yes, that is correct.

Q: How many yards are on one roll of Poly-Fiber uncertified light fabric?

The average length is 100 yds, but they are random, so a roll can be anywhere from 98 to 110 yds long.

Q: What is the width is of the roll of of Poly-Fiber Uncertified fabric, P/N 09-02001?

Part # 09-02001 has a 72" width.

Q: Can this material be used as a peel ply?

Yes, part number 09-02001 can be used as a peel ply material.

Q: Is this fabric shrinkable?

Yes, this material is heat shrinkable.

Q: Can your products be shipped to Zimbabwe (Africa)?

Yes, we do have export capabilities.

Q: Is this product the same as the Poly Lite fabric sold at Stits.com? Please advise as I want to buy a few more products from your site including the fabric.

Yes, this is the same material.

Q: Is there a difference between the non-certified superflite and poly fiber Dacron? Can superflite Dacron be used in the poly fiber system for covering?

If you are using the polyfiber system you must use the poly fiber fabric per the STC.

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