Foam Cushioning 1/8

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Part# 11-02062
MFR Model# SPT-F1/8-90


**Note: Width is 48” and is sold by the linear yard.**

Foam Cushioning is a dense* open cell foam that can be used for glare shield padding, side panel padding, seat cushioning and for soundproofing. Meets FAR 25.853 burn requirements. Available in 1/8”, and 1/4” thickness. *Density (pcf)+/-.5 pcf=5
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


The foam order arrived promptly and was as described. Hasnt been installed yet.

Jon &
June 1, 2019


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Q: Does this foam have a backing? I watched a youtube video about sewing pleets in the sidepanels and it talked about the foam needing a backing to sew to. Otherwise the foam just rips out. Thanks, Doug

A backing of muslin or other light cloth material would need to be spray glued to the outside of the foam prior to sewing.

Q: Is this foam fuel proof? Would this foam be suitable for lining a fuel bladder inside of a wing? if so, what fuel-proof adhesive would you recommend for bonding it to the structure?

This foam is not fuel proof. This material is used for interior upholstery. We do not have any foam that would be used for lining a fuel bladder inside of a wing.

Q: Does this foam have FAA certification for burn testing?

Manufacturer documentation is available certifying that the material meets FAR 25.853 burn requirements.

Q: Can this be folded for air shipment? If yes, up to what length ( cut off length) can this be folded instead of being Rolled? We need a total of 45 yards.

We do not recommend folding this material. It would likely crease badly and damage the material.

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