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An aluminum polish which removes and prevents pitting. Aluminum shine with mirror-like brilliance. Non-toxic, non-abrasive and non-flammable. Silicone product which resists further corrosion. Meets military specifications.


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Very satisfied with this polish.

Jack M
October 7, 2020

Great aluminum polish. Us it on my propeller spinners. Recommend you use a buffer or electric drill with a small sponge buffer wheel. Much quicker with better results. However, can was badly dented upon delivery. Shipping cardboard box looked fine with no damage but can was dented so bad that it will eventually leak.

Stephen M
August 5, 2020

Very good product. Works very well in removing aluminum oxide from parts over 30 years old.

Robert F
April 24, 2020

This is the best aluminum polishing product that I have tried and I have tried a bunch of them. It isnt magic, easy, but it works the best of those I have tried. on severely stained bare aluminum. It slings off the pad the least, too. This is a big help. A useful tip: when you fail to clean up every little bit of the black residue from polishing, it turns black and rock hard (same as all the rest of the polishes), you can get it off with WD-40 rather easily!

Glynn H
February 13, 2020

I was surprised. For many years, I have been using a cotton wadding to polish the spinner but decided to purchase the MET.ALL as the wadding was seeming to be too much work and really did not do that good a job. To my surprise, with the MET.ALL, it only took a few minutes to shine up the rain spotted and time dulled spinner. MET.ALL has a light smooth paste consistency closer to honey than peanut butter. I agree with the above - have lots of cotton rags available as they get black fast.

Bruce B
June 24, 2019

A very good polish that will give your trim work a deep shine. We have been using this for over 10 years and brings many compliments from the customers. Continually use a new section of the polishing cloth to avoid rubbing the black oxidation back into the work piece. We Finish the polishing work with a light wax to repel water and keep the deep shine longer. If you use this on the heated intakes/exhaust stacks, spray alcohol/water mix onto the wax after buffing to remove any silicone from the wax. The heat from the intakes will cause the silicone to stain the polishing work otherwise.

L3 V
June 22, 2015


Q: Do you have the Material Safety Data Sheet for Met-All Polish?

Yes, we have added the PDF to the Documents tab of the web page. Please download it from there.

Q: Do you guys ship to Australia?

Yes, we do ship to Australia.

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