Nuvite Ss9-3 Cleaner

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Nuvite SS-9-3 is the championship-caliber answer to the need for an effective and safe all-purpose liquid alkaline cleaner. It will clean the toughest of underbelly grease, oils and fluid leakage at full strength, or can be diluted to 1:12 to make an easy-to-use debugger and whole-airframe wipedown fluid that leaves a beautiful squeaky-clean and shiny surface that does not need to be rinsed. It works great for in-place cleaning during other airframe or engine maintenance.

And, if you want to wet wash, use it in your wash water at 1:20 to make a great, non-streaking or spotting cleaner. It can even be used to clean interiors of cargo or utility aircraft. SS-9-3 is a superb product that offers great efficiency and economy due to wide usage capability and being supplied in high concentration form. And, as a bonus, it is completely biodegradable and safe to use.


  • Offers complete soil removal through reserve alkalinity
  • Great as a hand debugger and full airframe wipedown fluid
  • Safe to all aircraft components and exterior finishes
  • Very effective as a wet wash cleaner added to wash water
  • Easy application in all climates
  • May be used as a general-purpose cleaner for cargo aircraft interiors
  • Completely biodegradable environmentally friendly


  • Appearance: - clear, amber/yellow liquid
  • Flash Point - none
  • Odor: - mild
  • pH - 11.8-12.2 @ 25 degrees C
  • Solubility: - infinite in water
  • Specific Gravity: - 1.02 @ 25 degrees C
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Q: Is this price for a gallon??

No, we have added the unit of measure and are in the process of updating the image. Part number 09-02084 is a quart.

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