Randolph Epoxy Varnish Ev-400 Kit

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An excellent clear gloss epoxy varnish for interior and exterior use. It provides superior weather durability and excellent chemical and solvent resistance. Can be used over a one component varnish primer if desired. Mixing ratio is 2 parts base varnish: 1 part EV-410 Catalyst. Order in kits.
Kits include:
Randolph Epoxy Varnish EV-400
EV-410 Varnish Catalyst
E-500 Reducer
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Very satisfied.

Roger G
March 15, 2018


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Q: Is there a specific ratio for the reducer in this Randolph Epoxy Varnish EV-400 kit?

Per the how to manual, 2 parts catalyzed material to 1 part thinner.

Q: Does the gallon EV-400 epoxy varnish come in a round or rectangle can?

It is the rectangle can.

Q: What is the shelf life for opened and unopened varnish, catalyst, and reducer?

The catalyst has a 2 year shelf life, the varnish and reducer have an indefinite shelf life.

Q: Does it have UV protection? Can I use it on a cedar strip canoe with West System epoxy coating on it?

This does not have UV protection and cannot be used over epoxy.

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