UHMW Polypropylene Tape 3 Inch

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Part# 09-02561
MFR Model# 76445A715


Provides a nonstick, low-friction surface similar to PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) tape but with higher abrasion and impact resistance. Ideal for chutes, packaging lines, slides, and anywhere high-pressure sliding contact occurs. Also eliminates squeaks and rattles caused by adjacent parts movement. Tape has a UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) polyethylene film and 0.0015" of acrylic adhesive. 0.0045" thick tape has a temperature range of 40 to +225 F and includes a peel-off polyethylene liner. 18 Yard roll (54 ft.)

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


I used this tape to replace an earlier wear tape that I had originally installed on the leading edge of the flaps where it rubs on the wing skin overhang on my RV6-A. It is thinner than the previous material that I replaced because of sun damage. It goes on very clear and smooth, seems to have excellent adhesion. I also used a thin strip under the wing skin overhang so it will only have poly to poly contact as the flaps move. I do not know how it will hold up to the suns UV so I will retract flaps when parked out at airshows. Hangar neighbor is getting some from me to use on intersection fairings on Mustang Two.

Mark B
June 3, 2017

Generally unacceptable for AC usage- Isnt Transparent, but actually a pale yellow- VERY THIN, while it may be slippery, it isnt THICK by any means- EXTREMELY hard to separate from its backing during installation, and if you even breath hard the inside tacky edge, it will show through. Fingerprints on the inside look like a crime scene. After aprox 20 hours on a cessna 206 strut ( to protect from strut chafe) and tape started separating from tacky lining- Terrible- Never again-

Samair P
August 16, 2019


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Q: What color is this UHMW PolyPropylene tape?

This tape will go on clear. Re: P/N 09-02561