Schauer Battery Charger Model Jac2024H

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Part# 11-00891
MFR Model# JAC2024H-C


Intelligent chargers follow battery impedance to end of charge cycle for all battery types. Fully automatic. Green LED indicates AC power on, yellow LED indicates battery is charging, yellow LED off indicates float mode.

  • Charge control: constant current charge to a constant voltage, then to a float standby.
  • Current limiting.
  • Fully automatic 3 stage charger can be left on the battery in maintaining/float mode.
  • Can be set for any type lead acid battery, including conventional, maintenance free, deep cycle, gelled-type, valve regulated batteries.
  • Cyclic voltage: FLOODED 2.5 volts/cell; GEL & AGM 2.4 volts/cell. 2.6 volts/cell for 36 & 48 volt batteries. May be preset to customer's specification for battery type.
  • Not intended for use as a DC power supply.
  • Continuous - 100% duty cycle.
  • Low voltage start: will start charging a deeply discharged battery with terminal voltage less than 4 volts.
  • Reverse polarity and short circuit proof.
  • Aluminum case.
  • AC Input 115/230 volts, 50 or 60Hz Input voltage autosensed.
  • 20 AMPS
  • 24 Volts
  • 10"W x 7.5"H x 3"D
  • 6.5 lbs
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Have not put this unit in service yet but was the best price for this unit on the internet. Got more for my money than I was expecting. Very quick delievery.

Senergy E Verified Purchase


May 31, 2022


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Q: Will the part number 11-00891 Schauer charger work on a Gill 242 battery as an initial charger and a minder?

Per the supplier: Yes, it should.

Q: Will the part number 11-00891 Schauer charger work with Concorde RG24-11M or Concorde RG24-15M batteries?

Yes, P/N: 11-00891 Schauer Charger is compatible and will work with Concorde batteries RG24-11M and RG24-15M.

Q: Does this SCHAUER BATTERY CHARGER MODEL JAC2024H come with the clips and 3 pin plug or do those have to be purchased separately

This unit, part # 11-00891, only has the clips. You can purchase the unit with a 3-pin Cessna type connector, which is part number 11-05086. Be aware then using he 3-pin connector, the charger will only run the panel power, and not charge the battery. The battery can only be charged with the clips attached directly to the battery.

Q: Will this Schauer battery maintainer JAC2024H work on Concord RG-35 or Gill 25 batteries without harming them or voiding the warranty?

This is a multi-stage charger with a maintenance float mode. It will properly charge and maintain a 24 volt lead acid (flooded, AGM, VRLA) battery. There is a selection switch in unit to choose flooded or AGM batteries. Unit is set to charge to 28.8 VDC on AGM setting (recommended for aircraft) and 29.7 VDC on flooded setting. It will maintain at 26.7 VDC. It is always recommended to contact the manufacture first to see if a charger like this will be compatible with your battery.

Q: will this charger work with odysey batteries? (2) 12v connected in series

Yes it can.

Q: Will this charger work for RG41/53 battery?

Concorde recommends our part number 11-14352.

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