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Braided Expandable Wrap - Bulk 1/8 400 05-12892 $0.75
Braided Expandable Wrap - Bulk 1/4 200 05-12893 $0.95
Braided Expandable Wrap - Bulk 1/2 150 05-12894 $2.25
Braided Expandable Wrap - Bulk 3/4 100 05-12895 $2.75
Braided Expandable Wrap - Bulk 1 100 05-12896 $2.45
Braided Expandable Wrap - Bulk 1-1/4 75 05-15257 $3.75
Braided Expandable Wrap - Bulk 1-1/2 75 05-12898 $4.70
Braided Expandable Wrap - Bulk 2 50 05-12899 $6.65
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Protect-Fast™ AERO Braided PFA-PFW Sleeving is an efficient ‘slip-over’ solution allowing for easy installation of wires or bundles of cables’ entire run . Flame spread is a vital safety consideration in applications such as home built aircraft wiring and or retrofitting new avionics. Self-extinguishing Protect-Fast PFA-PFW material is FAR25 approved, fully complies with UL standard VW-1. The addition of an organic flame inhibitor to our triaxially braided PFW split sleeving provides the perfect solution to a wide range of cable management needs.

Protect-Fast is a tough, lightweight method used to contain and protect cable assemblies, hoses and wire harnesses from abrasion and cutting. Solvent resistant with a temperature rating from -75ºC to 125ºC (-103ºF to 257ºF).

Provides 150% Expansion Sleeve with 25% Overlap Wrap.
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Bought 15 of 1/4 and 3/8 (I think). I had some wire runs that I couldnt protect with grommets or wire ties and the like. I cut off 2 or 3 inch pieces and wrapped the wires. The material is easy to apply and it snaps back tight around the wires. Slides easily from where you can install it to where you want it. Then I wire tie it on each end just tight enough to keep it from sliding out of position. Worked great anywhere I had cables, wires or static pitot touching each other. I was expecting something more like snakeskin but was pleasantly surprised by this cloth wrap. It it plenty tough to stand up to wear. They recommend a hot knife to cut it, but not my choice. A utility knife will do the job,but I prefer some cheap hardware store wire cutting dykes. Then burn the end for q second with a lighter. Simple as can be.

February 20, 2020

Great product to protect wring after its installed. like spiral wrap but better protection and looks professional. Does expand a bit so the smaller sizes do a pretty large bundle.

Goodfriend A
October 4, 2019

Did a wiring harness with this stuff, and the expandable wrap slit tubing actually looks and performs better than the un-slit wrap. Highly recommend and convenience of buying by the foot is great

Phil D
February 14, 2019

Re-usable and removable because it is split along its length. Quality manufacturing makes it retain its ability to re-close perfectly after inserting wires. It is made as a coil such as rolling up a sheet of paper. Open the coil, apply around wires, let it close. A minor issue is that it is so well made that it can sometimes be difficult to fully open the coil, especially on the smallest sizes. Not an issue that would stop me from buying and using it however. Fold the cut end in and lace or ty-wrap to keep it shut. Most of the rest of the length requires no lacing, it stays shut on its own. Good stuff.

Jim F
August 16, 2018

This braid works very well and is easy to install if you use the installation tool. Using the tool I was able to install multiple wires in a 15 foot run in less than a minute. It also holds very firmly in adel cushion clamps and does not slide.

Scott W
July 1, 2017

Wraps around wire bundles nicely, and was able to maneuver around Adel clamps with a continously piece. Cleans up cockpit nicely and affordable.

Mike A
March 29, 2017


Q: What is the recommended method of cutting the wrap?

The preferred method is with a hot knife.

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