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These color coded caps can easily be installed and removed from Klixon and similar type circuit breakers. Colored caps are used to "flag" designated circuit breakers for flight check and other purposes. In addition, they greatly improve grip. Won't shake loose and rattle like others will.
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Perfect thank ypou!

Bill R
November 16, 2020

Fit well and easy to see. As advertised.

Eric H
August 16, 2019

Work as advertised. Love these things! Easier to pull and better visibility.

Ron S
July 23, 2018

Great idea and fit my breaker perfectly. Does help um stand out nicely.

Ronald S
June 1, 2018

It is pretty hard to give anything but a 5 star rating. I have one installed on my field breaker and another on the auto pilot breaker. This is just to make each breaker a bit easier to identify and increases my level of certainty that I have pulled the correct breaker.

Bruce B
March 5, 2017

Caps are fine, but the information is misleading. The illustration shows 5 caps, and, as simple as they are, I expected 1 package to include 5 caps of the specified color, not 1 cap. A bit surprised, especially when it arrived in a 10”x8”x2” box, when an envelope would be fine. Next time, I’ll Know.

Robert B
April 1, 2019

Most excellent for the purpose they serve. We had these on our Boeings in the airlines for the same purpose. Being a cheapskate I find them slightly overpriced for a tiny plastic ring but since this company is the sole source producer of these then you have to go with that. Ill survive bankruptcy after buying two of these.

Kurt E
March 29, 2018

Good quality. Fits tightly. But really overpriced. So scored as 3 stars.

July 21, 2019


Q: Are these Klixon circuit breaker caps priced and sold individually or in a pack?

These are priced and sold individually.

Q: Would these Klixon circuit breaker caps fit well on Tyco circuit breaker toggle switches?

The Klixon circuit breaker caps will not fit on the Tyco toggles switches. These are made to only fit on the Klixon Circuit Breakers themselves.

Q: So do these replace the nuts that lock the circuit breaker in place?

No, the purpose of these caps is that you use them for color code/identification.

Q: How do I install these?

These clip on over the top of the circuit breaker.

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