GE Bulb GE-330 14V .08A

Part# 11-04016
MFR Model# GE-330


Note: GE brand bulbs will be provided if available. Some model lamps are no longer manufactured by GE, in which case we will provide an equivalent lamp meeting the same specifications.

Miniature lamps for cockpit / wing / tail lights.
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Dan B Verified Purchase

GE BULB GE-330 14V .08A

September 17, 2022

Arrived in perfect condition and very quick delivery. Works great, thanks again Ron

Ron B Verified Purchase

GE BULB GE-330 14V .08A

August 22, 2022

Thankfully not expensive as a short has been hard to trace!

Cristina G Verified Purchase

GE BULB GE-330 14V .08A

March 3, 2022

This item was 100% perfect for my application.

Brent F Verified Purchase

GE BULB GE-330 14V .08A

February 23, 2022

Lights up my life... er, compass.

Mike R Verified Purchase

GE BULB GE-330 14V .08A

January 21, 2022

Fast delivery, good product, used an awful ot of packaging for size of order.

Stephen Z Verified Purchase

GE BULB GE-330 14V .08A

September 3, 2021

Great quality product. Super service too!

Vincent L Verified Purchase

GE BULB GE-330 14V .08A

July 13, 2021


John E
August 24, 2020

Small light bulbs ordered but not in box with other items. Looked several times. Your excellent customer service immediately sent me two bulbs Great job and thanks 👍

Wayne N
March 13, 2020

As the note for these bulbs says on Aircraft Spruces web page, these bulbs may not have been made by GE and could be manufactured by others which was true in my case. I purchased 6 of these non-GE bulbs for my Piper Arrow as replacements for the GE-330 bulbs (one of them failed and I figured that I would just replace them all and have a spare set. However all 6 bulbs failed as soon as I turned on the power. Some had filament failures and others had filament failures that broke the glass. So instead, I purchased 3 LED replacements from Aero-Lites (pn: al-330mf-cw) and all is now good. They are quite a bit brighter than incandescent bulbs so you may need to change the resistance on the brightness controls or go with their 28-volt version. Aircraft Spruce refunded my money and I suggested that they only carry the LED alternative. Sure, about 6X more expensive but who wouldnt want to spend the extra money to get reliable three-greens!

Kim E
April 22, 2022


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