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Part# 11-03176
MFR Model# A-510-1


Lever Type - Twist-Knob Without Starter Position. (diode not required)

Made in USA


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I purchased this because I own a seaplane and dont want to become stranded on a lake somewhere because i lost my keys... Besides, airplanes dont NEED keys.. the ignition switches are so cheaply made that they can be forced or picked by ANYTHING. So they really dont provide much security at all. I am opting to have a hidden start button that the thief would have a hard time finding AND... putting in a SECOND Master switch that will provide PRIMARY power to the aircraft.. thereby slaving the traditional Master switch. in other words, if you climb in and flip the master... nothing will happen... You have to flip the second master switch first. It will be hidden in plain sight in another location and not look like a master. The odds that a would be thief would take the time to figure all this out (which they probably could NOT because no other aircraft has anything like that...) is slim to none... In addition, I will NOT use the decal indicating off, L, R, and BOTH positions.. Therefore.. the would-be thief, wont even know for sure that this new switch IS the MAG switch.. so more for them to figure out... and for ME? I hop in... flip master one and two.. turn the MAG switch and push the start button... no keys to fiddle with (or lose) ever again. The unit is well made and works well, the knob is removable with two set screws so that it will not work loose from the torque required when using it.

Keith H
October 1, 2018


Q: What is the amp rating and general dimensions (hole size required, diameter of the acquator, etc) of this switch?

The A-510-1 switch is rated to handle up to 0.5 amp. Also, we have added a drawing to the "Drawing" tab showing some general dimensions of the switch.

Q: Regarding the ACS LEVER TYPE IGNITION SWITCH: What is the maximum voltages for the magneto functions? What is the maximum current for the magneto contacts? What is the contact resistance?

The current through the "L" and "R" terminals is less than 0.5 amps and the open circuit voltage is 300 volts. There are no specs available for the contact resistance.

Q: Is the ACS lever type ignition switch PMA / FAA approved?

No, this switch is intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

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