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Part# 11-01945
MFR Model# SBSJ16


Battery Features:
  • Drycell design for mounting in any orientation and fully aerobatic use
  • 2 year storage life to 50% state of charge when stored at 77F (25C)
  • 70% of rated starting power delivered at -4F (-20C)
FAA-PMA Certified Sealed Aircraft Battery For Piper PA-18 and PA-19 Series

FAA-PMA Certified Sealed Aircraft Battery For Cessna C-170, C-180, C-195 Aircraft

337 field approval must be filed for all other aircraft.


  • Nominal Capacity @ C1: 12.3 Ah
  • Nominal Capacity @ C/10: 16.0 Ah
  • Altitude Rating: -1,500 to 70,000 ft.
  • 5 second 80F (27C) cranking amps to 7.2V: 680 amps
  • CCA @ 0F (-17.8C): 220 amps
  • CA @ 32F (0C): 300 amps
  • HCA @ 80F (27C): 370 amps
  • Reserve Capacity: 25 minutes @25amps
  • Terminals: Brass female for M6 stainless steel bolt
  • Terminal Torque: 50 in-lb
  • Length, in. (mm): 7.15 (181.61)
  • Width, in (mm): 3.01 (76.33)
  • Height, in (mm): 6.61 (167.77)
  • Weight, lb (kg): 15.4 (6.99)
  • Resistance at 1kHz @77F: 7 mOhm
  • Short circuit current: >1,800 amps
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great battery. competitive price in Alaska.

Barry S
May 24, 2020

This is by far the best battery we have installed in any aircraft. We have replaced many Concorde and Gill batteries with this little gem through field approvals. Our first installation of this battery was in 2008 and it is performing like new yet and that install has no charging system.

Bruce S
April 15, 2019

Works good in the battery box, under the front seat in my Cub.

Mike C
April 8, 2019

Fit like a glove, in the under seat battery box in my Cub. Now, the B&C starter gets the O-200 motor going, even on cold mornings.

Mike C
April 8, 2019

I have had this in my aircraft for over a year. I am amazed at the cranking power. Plus, I do not have to worry about it freezing in extreme cold here in NE MN. If that were not enough, I gained 12 pounds of useful load!

Terry H
February 15, 2019

Accidentally left the master on for a few hours ran the battery done to 11.9 volts. It still had enough to start the O-360 the next morning without a jump... Id say pretty good battery considering its size and weight.

February 9, 2018

These batteries are truly incredible. they greatly resist sulfating compared to a normal battery. I am repeatedly amazed at the cranking ability and how well they hold a charge and last.

April 22, 2017

Best batteries I ever had! Would never buy anything else. One in my Glasair since 2003!! Airplane sometimes sat for over 6 month, without recharging battery, but it cranked the 0-360 over effortlessly. The other one in my Slepcev Stork, since 2007. Never any problems, never had to recharge. Have a bigger one in my VW van since two years. Truely great product. Well worth the little extra money. Thank you Odyssey.

Helmut S
June 27, 2015

This is my second Powersafe battery. If I hadnt converted my battery compartment to fit this battery, I wouldnt purchase another. The battery failed after less than a year old. I did not purchase the first one from Aircraft Spruce. Hopefully, this one will last a bit longer.

David W
October 14, 2019


Q: I bought ODYSSEY SBS J-16 dry cell battery. Local aviation authorities are asking for airworthiness approval document.Where can I get FAA-PMA or STC for that battery? Otherwise they won't let us use it but I am very happy with that battery.

We have added the current PMA authorization PDF to the Documents tab. Please review it on the web page.

Q: Do you have a Form-1 or 8130 form for the Odyssey Dry Cell Battery SBS J-16?

For FAA-PMA'd parts an 8130 form can be ordered alongside for an additional fee. Please indicate the request for this form at time of purchase.

Q: Odyssey battery SBS-J16: does the battery come with terminal hardware?

Yes, the SBS-J16 does come with the terminal bolts and washers.

Q: Is the Oddysey SBS J-16 dry cell battery considered hazardous material for shipping purposes?

No, this battery is not considered hazmat for shipping.

Q: Is the SBSJ-16 delivered charged? If not, at what amperage should it be charged?

Yes, this battery is delivered charges. Should read between 12.65 and 12.85 amps.

Q: Which chargers or Battery Minder systems are approved for this Odyssey SBS J-16 battery?

Part # 11-14348 is recommended. This is 128CEC1-AA-S3 charger which is made to work with Hawker/Odyssey batteries which are very similar to this Powersafe battery.

Q: Can you just take the old lead acid battery out of the plane and hook this one in it place being charged from the alternator or do you need a special interface for this battery (SBS J-16)?

The batteries are charged ready to install.

Q: Does this Odyssey battery have a PMA number stamp affixed to it?

It has FAA/PMA stamped on the top of the battery.

Q: You dont mention it on your web page but svenns aviation has an STC to install this battery in the following aircraft. PA-22, PA-20, PA-19, PA-18, PA-16, PA-14 and PA-12 Here is the web page and STC page I dont work for this company. Just trying to help out fellow piper owners.

Thank you for providing this detail on the battery. It has been posted to the Q+A section for other customers.

Q: What kind of warranty does the Odyseey Dry Cell SBS J-16 battery have?

2 year manufacturer's warranty from purchase.