Start Power Rb25A 12/24 Power Unit 3200 Amps - 12V / 1600 Amps - 24V

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Part# 11-15554
MFR Model# RB25A 12/24


The RB25A 12/24 is a switchable unit that can be changed between 12V and 24V settings. This tough and compact unit has exceptional power to weight ratio.

The Red Box hand portable packs are some of the most powerful Hand Portable Packs available worldwide. Red Box uses the latest in military aerospace technology to achieve a very high power to weight ratio. These power packs are designed for starting of piston, turboprop or turbine aircraft and helicopters in the field or in remote locations and Red Box units may be carried safely on board all aircraft. The power packs are “all weather” units and being modular, can be used in single or dual format. They can be used or stored in any orientation, even inverted. Cells used are cleared as non-hazardous cargo for carriage in the aircraft. They are able to operate in extremes of temperature and have excellent standby characteristics. They are maintenance free and do not require cycling. They can be re-celled “on condition” at any Red Box service center in the world and are designed to give years of repeated service. In addition to aviation, these highly portable units can be used with Armored Fighting vehicles and Military equipment. They can be recharged from the automatic charging system, which is supplied in the package, or from any vehicle using a suitable interface.

Volts DC: 12 / 24
Peak Amps: 1600 (12v) / 800 (24v)
Maximum S/C Amps: 3200 (12v) / 1600 (24v)
Battery Typ: Lead Acid
Weight: 23 kg


  • 12V/24V switchable
  • Totally weather protected.
  • Air transportable, ‘Non Hazardous‘
  • Maintenance free.
  • Tough and compact.
  • No memory effect.
  • Works in any orientation.
  • High charge retention.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Fast recharge.
  • No cycling.
  • Leak proof.
  • Cells replaceable on condition.
  • Lightweight portable start power at remote locations.
  • External charger for prolonged unit life.


  • Max amps 24V: 800 (Nom. short circuit current)
  • 1600 (Max. short circuit current)
  • Max amps 12V: 1600 (Nom. short circuit current)
  • 3200 (Max. short circuit current)
  • Capacity 24V: 17 Amp Hrs @ 10hr rate
  • Capacity 12V: 34 Amp Hrs @ 10hr rate
  • Max voltage: 26v DC
  • Size: L400 W230 H210 mm
  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Operating Temp: -40°C – + 60°C
  • Case: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage Indication: Digital to IP65
  • Auxiliary Protection: Circuit breaker 20A
  • Auxiliary Input: 29V DC
  • Aircraft Cable: 2 m heavy duty
  • Charger: 4 Amp universal AC input. Charging time less than two hours from 50%
  • Protection: Reverse polarity warning

In The Box

  • Charger
  • Output Cable
  • Carry Bag
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