Helicopter Landing Zone Light Kit

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Part# 11-07955
MFR Model# ELZ-9100-8


IMPROVED! NOW LED! 5 times the battery life, 10 times the lamp life, better visibility range, twice as rugged and easier to use than previous versions!

Multifunction Strobe - Flashing or Steady! Use steady mode as a backup light or area light. Turn on the light. If it is not in the mode you want, quickly turn it off/on to change modes.

Military issue tough, as used by US/NATO. Used for LZ & DZ. Securing a temporary LZ has never been easier. The Emergency Landing Zone (ELZ) Strobe Kit simplifies the process of calling in a MEDIVAC helicopter by providing everything needed to set up a secure landing zone. Each kit includes a rugged 945 equip size case, five (5) multifunction Strobe 3500 with bases, pace-out line, instruction manual and safety guides. Spring-loaded weighted bases keep the completely waterproof strobes upright in high winds and rotor wash. No assembly is required, so there's no fumbling around in the dark. Other LZ kits require assembly, and/or ground attachment. Six lens colors including infrared (IR) are available for night vision preservation or night vision equipment use.

Operators Liability- The system has been designed to be operated under normal visual meteorological conditions for night flying by a pilot with normal vision. The system is utilized at the operator's discretion and risk. The suppliers accept no liability whatsoever whether implied or explicit for any incidents/accidents that may incur. The operator must ensure that trained personnel operate the system and are made fully aware of aviation safety and that the LANDING ZONE remains clear of animals, pedestrians and obstructions at all times during landings and takeoffs. Only competent and currently night rated pilots may use this system. Use by student pilots training for night rating is prohibited.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • Easy to use, deploys in seconds. Compact, versatile, effective & affordable.
  • Pilot-Preferred. Quickly guides pilots to the specified landing zone from miles away.
  • Organizes ground crew activity and increases safety.
  • Won't blow around even under the largest helicopter rotor wash, without ground anchors.
  • Tested and preferred by Medivac and military pilots.
  • Multifunctional, use it for traffic control, search markers, hazards marking.
  • Vertical flight operations use include EMS, Fire Dept., Police, Military, Forestry, Heavy lift, Private or Estate LZ, Heliport back-up, Commercial LZ, Offshore rigs, Vessel LZ.
  • Units can be permanently mounted easily with a single fastener.
  • Strobes fold flat for storage.


  • Completely waterproof, IP67
  • Lamp: High-Intensity, Multifunction 10-Watt LED Strobe
  • Burn Time: 100 hours in flashing mode or 20 hours in steady mode with fresh batteries
  • Initial Flash Rate: 120 flashes per minute (2 Hz) with fresh batteries
  • Lamp Life: 10,000+ hours (36+ Million flashes)
  • Batteries: 3 C-cell Alkaline (included)
  • CE (European Union compliant)
  • Materials: ABS and LEXANŽ
  • Visible for several miles with clear lens (conditions permitting)
  • Twist on, rotary switch
  • Unit Height: 11.5" (29 cm) x 6" (15 cm) Dia. at base
  • Individual strobe weight: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg) each
  • Kit Shipping Dimensions: 26" (66 cm) x 20" (50 cm) x 9" (23 cm)
  • Kit Weight: 35 lbs. (16 kg)
  • Made in the U.S.A. (complies with the "Buy American Act", may contain imported components).
  • Lifetime Warranty
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Q: I am interested in purchasing the helicopter landing zone kit. Do you have a New Zealand agent or would you ship to NZ?

We can export directly to you in New Zealand. It is the fastest service for parts.

Q: I see this kit contains 5 lights, what color are they?

The standard kit comes with 4 red and 1 blue. However, you can order them in what ever combination of color you like. Clear, Red, Blue, Green, or Amber. For custom color kits, contact our sales department for a quote.

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