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From $588.00 to $721.00
Mfg Model# Description Part Number Price Buy
9052001 LED red/white, 28 VDC & mount 11-07615 $637.00
9052051 LED red/white, 14 VDC & mount 11-07616 $618.00
9052004 LED red/white, 28 VDC & 5 hole mount 11-07617 $692.00
9052014 LED red/white, 28 VDC & 5 hole lower mount 11-07618 $698.00
9052005 LED red/white, 28 VDC, 3.75" adapter 11-07619 $699.00
9052055 LED red/white, 14 VDC, 3.75" adapter 11-09908 $675.00
9052015 LED red/white, 28 VDC, 3.75" adapter, lower mount 11-07620 $720.00
9052007 LED red/white, 28 VDC, 3.75" adapter 11-07621 $675.00
9052017 LED red/white, 28 VDC, 3.75 adapter, lower mount 11-07622 $721.00
9052008 LED red/white, 28 VDC, 5 hole mount 11-07623 $692.00
9052018 LED red/white, 28 VDC, 5 hole lower mount 11-07624 $588.00
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90520 series LED beacons are FAA TSO compliant self-contained LED anti-collision lights (Ref. Class I - 100 effective candlepower). They are designed to replace strobe lightheads as small as the A470A with available models to replace HR self-contained beacons (HRCFA) or our legacy 70900 LED beacon. Mounting plate included with select assemblies. Refer to models and descriptions below.

Models: -01, -04, -05, -14, -15-51, -55: Ship with 12” Flying Leads Models: -07, -17, -08, -18: MS3102R10SL-3P Connector

Models: -04, -14, -08, -18 are designed to replace existing beacons utilizing a 5 Hole mounting pattern on 4.656 diameter bolt circle (Whelen 70285 series / 7090501 series or 70900 with A440 adapter). Models: -05, -15, -07, -17 are 3 Ύ” opening designed to fit inside an A440 mounting adapter, mounting holes to fit in place of rotating beacons, Whelen model HRCFA, or 7090004, -05 series LED beacons.


  • Current: 0.67 amps Average,
  • 3.0 amps Peak
  • Weight: 0.65 lbs. (295gm)
  • (-01 & -51)
  • Lens: Clear polycarbonate
  • Dimensions: 2.6” (66mm) Diameter, Exposed Height, 3.74” (95mm)
  • (-01 & 51)
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We’re very happy with it. Installation was painless. The beacon light signature is well superior to the original we removed. Low draw on electrical system. Lighter weight. Can’t think of any downside, except maybe getting PMA approval for Mooney’s and other aircraft makes?

David H
January 5, 2019

WOW, talk about bright. Very easy to install and definitely brighter than the original plus pulls less power. Only reason it only gets a 4 is the PRICE. Seriously folks come on. Do you need to make your monthly wages for the entire company off one light.

Dan D
November 15, 2018

You cannot believe how bright this strobe is. We can see the light in the day when the plane is still on the ramp over a mile away. Wish I could do something line this on the tail of my Cessna 172’s

Bill L
October 12, 2018

Mounted right up to my 1966 Beechcraft Musketeer A23/24.

Jake H
July 20, 2018

Great upgrade of the 1966 C172 Becon. Very bright much improved visibility great value.

May 5, 2018

Installed on my C172G. Great upgrade for visibility. Very bright. Easy install.

David E
April 20, 2018

Very nice and easy to install. Very much brighter at least on the ground

Rob D
December 15, 2017

All as advertised - it is a universal fit so dont expect a factory finish especially on older planes but it does fit in the hole, the fasteners all aligned, the wiring was correct and the power supply was built in to the base of the unit so I dont need to get into mounting a remote power unit in the tail- light is so bright that its almost annoying even in sunlight - almost no draw on ammeter compared to 3-4 amps with the old grimes model so thats a good thing- expensive but for 20k hours life it will be working long after I am gone so its a onc and done installation

Paul K
June 30, 2017

One word , awesome. Eat install.

April 6, 2017

So bright that it is hard to look at from the cabin door! Huge improvement over stock.

February 15, 2017


Q: Is this a legal replacement for a Whelen A469A strobe?

Per the supplier: This is a LED replacement but it depends on the aircraft as these are STC'd.

Q: What is the difference between the 5-hole mount and the 5-hole lower mount?

Lower mount has a drain hole in it.

Q: On model # 9052051 - 14 volt, it comes with a mount. what is the mount for and/or can you send me a picture?

The mount is part of the assembly. Please review the 'Documents' tab. We have posted the dimensional drawing so you can get a better understanding of the assembly.

Q: WHEELEN LED RED/WHITE BEACON 14V #9052055 ... Spruce # 11- 09908 .... do I need a mount? Is it the A440? Or does a mount come with it?

This unit, p/n 11-09908, does have a 3-3/4" mount that would fit a Whelen A440 style mount, or same size fairing. Base has 3 mounting holes to attach to an A440 or like fairing.

Q: Does this unit require a separate strobe power supply, or can it be wired direct from the switch?

There is no separate power supply required. You can wire this directly from the switch.

Q: Regarding WHELEN LED FLASHING BEACON (RED & WHITE) 90520 SERIES: Does the red face towards the front of the aircraft and the white towards the back or the other way around?

The mounting holes are "keyed" so that it can only be mounted red forward.

Q: Can this be installed as a new addition to a plane? My 150 currently doesnt have strobe/beacon lights. The STC mentions it being installed as a replacement. Does the STC still hold for a new install with a 337?

The STC would cover such an installation.

Q: Is this Whelen LED 90520 light a PMA part?

It is TSO compliant.

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