Part# 11-05634
MFR Model# 01-0771105-04
7110504LED Forward Position Light
FAA/TSO-C30c Type I
28RedStd - Red/Black11-05634


71105 series are fully FAA TSO compliant Forward Position lights. LED™s provide a significant reduction in electrical current draw over conventional light bulbs. Direct replacement for Whelen Model W1285 series (Version STC™d on Learjet Aircraft).

Operational: 14/28 VDC (nominal)
Input Current:Voltage: 0.25 Amps
EQUIPMENT LIMITATIONS: An approved forward position lighting system consists of two lights, one located on each wingtip.
CONTINUED AIRWORTHINESS: The 71105 series LED wingtip position light assembly is designed with 3 LED’s. If any one LED fails, the unit must be repaired or replaced. Inspect the lens. Replace if there is excessive scratching, discoloration or cracking.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals including Methylene Chloride, which is / are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


Ordered this unit along with the other wing tip for my AA5A and while expensive, the light output is incredible. I fly routinely in busy Class B airspace and other aircraft have commented how bright these lights are (even in daylight). Highly recommend if you really want to be seen!

Tracy N
November 2, 2016


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Q: Are these 71105 series LED lights a replacement for standard position lights a Cessna aircraft?

Yes, these replace the Whelen W1285 series lights, which were OEM position lights on many Cessna aircraft.

Q: Is there a replacement bulb/lamp only for these lights?

These are LEDS and should not burn out or need replacement. If you are looking for an LED bulb that would work on the similar non-led housings, you would use the Whelen Chroma series.

Q: I have Whelen A650PG/PR position/strobes (Incandescent lamps). Can I install the flash tube and A612 cover from those into the 71105 assembly?

You should be able to but you would have to wire it and it may cause and issue with the TSO. I would recommend keeping the A650 assemblies and swapping the incandescent lamps with LED Whelen Chroma bulbs.

Q: Is there a green one?

Part # 11-05629 is green, 14v.

Q: Is the 71105s 14v base housing insulated from airframe ground? Is the base housing conductive?

There is not an insulation but it does have a wired ground.

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