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Standard (BPM-1) 90 Deg Fitting (BPM-1-90)
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The EFII Boost Pump Module (BPM) is the only product in its category that is professionally engineered for maximum performance and reliability. The BPM delivers the lowest suction loss, most stable pressure regulation, and highest quality components of any boost pump product currently available.The EFII Boost Pump Module also brings a new level of installation simplicity and functionality to the fuel system of your aircraft. The BPM reduces a time consuming and frustrating plumbing job to a simple and clean, easy to set up installation. The Boost Pump Module is used to supply a steady source of 30 PSI fuel to your engine during take-off, landing, priming, or emergency situations. The BPM has integral back flow prevention and pressure regulation valving.

Note: Only comes with 1 pre-filter


  • Ideal boost pump solution for any mechanically fuel injected aircraft engine through 600
  • Fully engineered solution provides superior performance compared to alternatives.
  • Low suction loss while operating in draw through mode helps prevent fuel cavitation at altitude.
  • Uses high quality Walbro fuel pump (made in USA).
  • Integral plumbing through large internal fuel passages offers no restriction to pump output.
  • Integral mounting bosses can be bolted directly to floor or firewall.
  • Included kick plate keeps fuel lines safe when installed in foot well area of cockpit.
  • Includes AN-6 (3/8" ID) input and output fittings.
  • Overall dimensions: 3.6" wide, 8.65" ;long, 1.9" thick (with kick plate installed).
  • Includes pn FF-2, 90 micron pre-filter.
  • All mounting hardware included.

In The Box

  • Complete BPM system includes Boost Pump Module with kick plate, mounting hardware, and 1 pre-filter.
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Q: Do you need a non-return valve and bypass circuit for this installation?

Per the manufacturer, no you will not need any of this for the install.

Q: I am going to have to straddle a small metal stiffener on my firewall. I would like to mount this assembly flat without making standoffs. What is the distance from the flat mounting surface to the rounded edge of the pump?

Per the manufacturer, it's about 0.1 inches.

Q: Re Part # 07-01854: How many amps does the boost pump module use?

This boost pump module uses 4.1 amps.

Q: regarding the EFII Electric Boost Pump module: is it 28 Vdc? What is the maximum flow permitted by the fuel pump?

This is a 12V system with a maximum flow rate of 45gph-50gph.

Q: How much does this unit weigh?

Approx 3 lbs

Q: What is the A/S part # for the replacement filter? How often should they be changed?

These kits come with two FF-2 filters, one for when the unit is installed and the second for when the first annual. They should be changed at each annual, the filter part number is 07-19990.

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