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CamGuard® Marine is a blend of high performance additives that fortifies marine engine oils in order to provide the ultimate in engine protection. CamGuard® Marine delivers uncompromised performance, using advanced technology to directly address the often-interrelated problems of corrosion, wear and deposits to extend the life of marine gasoline and diesel engines.

Download the ASL CamGuard Newsletter Vol. 1 (PDF)


  • Unsurpassed rust and corrosion protection - CamGuard® Marine contains powerful multi-metal corrosion inhibitors that protect steel parts from rust and nonferrous metals from corrosion in infrequently or intermittently used engines. CamGuard® Marine also utilizes demulsifying additives that prevent water and oil emulsion formation that leads to corrosion inducing soft sludge prevalent in marine engine applications.
  • Advanced antiwear performance - CamGuard® Marine contains an advanced phosphorus-free antiwear additive that works synergistically with the “zinc” in marine oils and provides typical reductions in wear rates of greater than 80%.
  • Antiscuff additives - CamGuard® Marine provides a residual lubricant film and excellent antiscuff protection during “dry starts” when the engine has been sitting unused for long periods.
  • Superior deposit control - CamGuard® Marine contains high molecular weight antioxidantsthat reside in the high temperature piston ring zone where they decompose deposit forming free radicals before they can enter the oil.



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