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Constructed of high density polyethylene, these blow molded multi-purpose tanks offer excellent durability and resistance to most chemical and fluids. Express service tanks come with a cap and straight fittings.

All tanks come with a 2-1/4" buttress thread cap, may require a bulkhead fitting depending on your installation. Please see the accessories section.

All sizes nominal. Height includes neck & fittings. Width includes mounting tabs. Max working temperature is 180-deg F and max working pressure is 5 PSI.

15-06828: 1 Quart 6.21" x 7.74" x 3.62" **Includes 1/4" barb spigot molded on bottom**

15-06830: 1.5 Quart 7.71" x 7.74" x 3.62"

15-06936: 2 Quart 7.04" x 8.632" x 4.173"

15-04841: 4 Quart 11.652" x 8.632" x 4.173"
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Great quality, solid tank. I purchased the 1 quart size. no issues so far with leaking through the cap. Shipping was very fast.

Brian G
July 27, 2017

Nice 1.5 quart tank. It appeared as though it would come with the outlet fitting, it did not.

December 21, 2018

nice bottle and cap but there is not an outlet on the bottom like the 1 Qt bottle showed in the picture

December 21, 2017

I bought two for my Rotax 582. One for the oil injection system and one for the coolant overflow. The gasket in the cap that I used for the oil swelled up almost immediately and stopped sealing. Any time the tank was more than half full the cap would leak oil with any amount of sloshing or vibration from the engine. The same thing is starting to happen with the tank Im using for coolant. (about 6 months of use so far) The tanks and caps themselves are fantastic, but it needs a different / better gasket material.

August 2, 2019


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Q: What are the dimensions for the oil / water overflow reservoir, part # 15-06936?

The dimensions are: 6.5" length x 5" depth x 4.5" height.

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