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Part# 12-02248
MFR Model# AA473



The Tempest Easy Drain Oil Filter Drain Tool eliminates the most time-consuming aspect of an oil change - the clean up. Easy Drain reduces filter spills, saving time and eliminating the seemingly inevitable mess of changing oil.

Works with 3-1/2" diameter oil filters.

It's as Easy as 1...2...3!
  1. Slip Easy Drain around filter and secure by turning the butterfly knob until tight against the filter. Be sure that the Easy Drain is located at the lowest part of the oil filter can to allow maximum drainage.
  2. Attach hose to the bottom of the T-handle and then twist the T-handle to puncture the filter. Back the T-handle out to original position to allow the oil to drain.
  3. Drain oil into pan. Go grab a friend and have lunch because this process will take awhile! The oil drains slowly no matter what temperature it is because the media pack is saturated with oil. Be patient!
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Good tool but tax and mail charges made it very expensive for a clamp and screw tool.

December 18, 2020

This simple device turns a messy task into a clean one

David G
December 17, 2020

Bought it to use on cars, since it has a wire clamp I simply change it out for a smaller sized one for smaller filters. Now the people that say the hose is worthless, well its vinyl so just heat it up with a hair dryer or a heat gun and VOILA! straight without any kinks. I like this as I can use it on a hot car, boat or plane and just let it drain, at times overnight. I have an oil drain valve that pretty much does the same thing, where a hose directs the oil to a canister. This has made my oil changes much easier and since Im not trying to rush whatever Im working on out the door to start the next one I like the cleanliness of it. If you have the room around the oil filter and hate having to clean up after you make a mess this is well worth it. Price could be lower though, I mean it is a hose clamp and a plastic valve, but I guess as the demand isnt that high for it...

January 28, 2020

Great tool if have enough space. Unfortunately does not work on my Beechcraft Sundowner 1976 with very tight space and the engine frame on the way. There is so much around the oil filter that it is difficult to mount it on and impossible to connect the hose or turning the knob to create the hole.

Phillips I
January 8, 2020

John .. how is that the products problem? 5 star bump because of idiot reviewers.

Walter K
September 11, 2019

The device worked well. The hose that came with it was so short it didnt reach beloe the cowl of my Mooney 201.

Walter B
February 1, 2018

Great idea, doesn’t fit well given tight space where the filter is. Only buy if you can confirm you have at least 6” of free space where the handle will go

December 19, 2019

The clear thin plastic drain hose provided was wrapped up in the package so tightly, the hose is flattened and kinked- basically unusable. The rest of it is simple to use and should do the job. Recommend you just stop by the local hardware store and get a simple pc of garden hose which should work fine.

Bill L
October 11, 2019

Looks like it will work OK. Havent tried it yet. They could sell it for a little less and not include the worthless hose that comes curled up so tight and stiff Ill have to replace it anyway.

November 15, 2018

Unfortunately there is not enough room to access the handle on this tool to turn the screw to punch the hole in the filter on my IO-540. Not sure how well the tool works as I never got to use and and ACS does not return tools. I did however develop a technique using a gallon ziploc bag with a diaper in it and safety wire threaded through the thicker plastic at the top of the bag. Put the bag under the filter and push the wire tight against the engine case. This will hold the bag open and fitted to the space available. Unscrew the filter 2 turns and wait 5 minutes for the oil to drain into the bag.

July 23, 2020


Q: Will the Tempest AA473 Oil Drain Tool work on a Champion filter?

Yes, this will work on Tempest, Champion, and other 3-1/2" diameter filters.

Q: Does vertically mounted mean that the filter threads up into the engine? I have a Lycoming io360 and it screws in horizontal to the back of the engine.

Per Vendor: Yes, it will work on different filters and positions. So it can work in the horizontal and vertical position.

Q: What is the max diameter filter it will fit around?

Approx max dia. 4 inches.

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