MGL Avionics EGT Clamp Kit

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Part# 11-05568


This EGT clamp kit is used for exhaust systems that do not have provision for accepting the 8x1 thread of a EGT probe. In this case a small hole the same size at the probe tip is drilled into the exhaust manifold and the probe inserted and held in place with the clamp kit. The clamp kit includes a drilled stainless steel band with galvanised adjuster. A 8x1 metric fine pitch nut is included to hold the probe in place.

(It is no longer a separate clamp kit for the EGT - it is now all-in-one)

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Raymond P Verified Purchase


October 19, 2021

Super easy to mount. However, these ones had shorter wires than the MGL EGT probes I already had. Luckily, I could put these on the back cylinders...

Patrik J
May 22, 2017

This is a 1 probe. Too long for the Rotax 447 engine.

Philip H
May 10, 2014

II just installed a set of four on my Superior IO-360 and they see to work well, but I give only two stars because I was shocked by the fragility of the attachment between probe and clamp. The cylindrical 3/16” dia probe passes through a hole in the clamp, and has a very tiny spot weld on opposite sides. I’m pretty much predicting problems with this. Also, the clamps are HUGE, and run out of travel just as they are clamping down on my stainless steel exhaust stacks. I had to slide a stainless steel thick washer over each probe before installing to insure sufficient clamping pressure, thencut off about 2” of excess clamp length.

Otis H Verified Purchase


January 19, 2023

Very disappointed. Very short wiring length, requiring extensions even on the cylinder next to the firewall.

September 11, 2020

Nothing in the ad indicated this was the large clamp model.. The search engine on this site only showed this option for MGL. I received the wrong sensor so I will be returning it for the correct. one.

Vance S
December 26, 2022


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Q: For the MGL Avionics EGT Clamp kit, what is the length of the probe cables and if necessary can they be lengthened?

The length of the probe cable is 3ft 1in. (37 inches total) Per MGL, if you need the wire extended, you would need standard Type-K extension wire.

Q: Is this a type-K EGT thermocouple clamp like 11-07842 and would it be used for exhaust pipes larger the 1.5 inches.

This is a type-K thermocouple, and the max I.D. is 2.35", so should work for larger pipes.

Q: What is the length of the probe protruding into the exhaust pipe? What is the diameter of the hole to be drilled?

1 inch into the exhaust pipe and .196 in diameter.

Q: Is this MGL EGT Clamp probe grounded?

This probe gets its ground when it is installed.

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