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All compasses in the C-2400 series meet FAA TSO-C7c requirements. Each has been specifically designed for installation either for streamline-type bracket housing or a pedestal-type housing. Wire lead length, voltage, and lighting color are specified under each stock number listed below.

Each model is provided with mounting hardware, deviation card, deviation card window and either an attached cardholder, deviation plate, or standard unattached cardholder depending on the application.

Factory new Airpath compass as used in almost all production aircraft. 2-1/4"


  • Markings: Black & White
  • Leads: 2ft White Wire
  • Lighting: Red 12 VDC
  • Finish: Black
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I just installed a new Airpath Pedestal Mag Compass C2400 in my Beech Bonanza V-35. The Airpath is a good quality compass (replacement), at a reasonable price. The footing fit the same mounting as my previous compass, a huge benefit. I just swing calibrated the compass and the errors were no more than two degrees on five mag directions, the remaining seven were dead on. Aircraft Spruce delivered on time. I am pleased with the purchase and with the supplier. Thank you. SfP

Steven F
January 28, 2021

Itâs a compass. Wiring seems to be polarity sensitive but other than that...itâs compass.

Dan D
August 18, 2018


Q: Is the C2400-L4P compass available with 24VDC lighting?

For 24V lighting you can use bulb pn:11-04015 or we can do a custom order if you wish.

Q: Are these Airpath pedestal mount compasses (C2400-L4P) illuminated for use at night?

Yes, these compasses are lighted.

Q: Where are the Airpath Pedestal Mount Compasses manufactured.

These compasses are made in the USA.

Q: Re AIRPATH PEDESTAL MOUNT COMPASSES C2400-L4P (TSOd): Is the case an additional item that needs to be ordered at the same time or is it included?

Yes. The casing is included.

Q: Are the Airpath pedestal mount compasses shipped filled or must the buyer fill the compass himself?

Per the MFG. All compasses are shipped pre-filled.

Q: What is the bolt pattern on the bottom of the pedestal?

Per the manufacturer: the pedestal is a three hole pattern.

Q: Does this Airpath pedastal mount compass come with the compass housing and mounting screws?

Yes, this comes with the housing and mounting screws.

Q: I want to mount the compass overheard in a STOL aircraft. Can the compass be turned 180 degrees inside the mount so I can use the mounting holes facing up?

For overhead compass installation please view 10-01345.

Q: What is the height and length of this Airpath C2400-L4P unit?

2-29/32 height x 3-45/64 length.

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