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Part# 10-01196
MFR Model# FT-60


Flow Transducer. For use in Aircraft with engine-driven fuel pumps & Horsepower up to 350 HP.

E.I. products include all documentation and certifications


  • Fitting: 1/4" female NPT
  • Flow Rate: .6 to 70+ GPH
  • Pressure Drop: .6 psi at 30 GPH / 2.3 psi at 60 GPH



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June 12, 2021

I replaced my existing FT60 transducer due to erroneous readings. It would drop to zero for several minutes then begin reading again. The replacement works the way it should.

October 28, 2020

The right part at a fair price.

Bob H
September 23, 2020

In any fuel flow operating system, the EI series fuel flow cubes are as close to plug and play that you can get. A bit more expensive, but easy to install and electronically set up. Just keep the fuel lines fairly straight for a few inches per the instructions and it will work. I even use the EI FT60 in the return line of the Rotax 912S as it is quite accurate even at such a low return fuel flow rate.

Bud Y
February 15, 2020

Excellent Service!!!

Kenneth R
July 27, 2019

Awesome. Works great with my FC-10 in my Legend cub. Called the company who makes it and they were so helpful. Spruce shipped it last minute... Great experience all around.

October 21, 2018

First one lasted 600 hours the replacement 40 hours, Fortunately EI support is excellent and they replaced last one under warranty since it was less than 1 year old. When they worked they were always very accurate. For me, when they fail they do it suddenly. Would be 5 stars if it was anywhere near the published 10000 MTBR!

April 24, 2020

Received and installed in place of unit that died after 33 hours into its 10,000 MTBF that EI doesnt support. So far, this replacement is working. Lets see how long this one lasts.

Gwen W
March 15, 2020

The sending unit works well when it works, but it seems that I have to clean it out on a yearly basis.

March 2, 2018

Installing my third unit in 600 hrs. Just a little less than the 10000 mtbf that they advertise. Probably get that in a comfy lab. Seems like it isnt robust enough to survive in a engine compartment environment. Gotta have it though....

Douglas M
February 6, 2021


Q: What is the warranty for the EI FT 60 transducer?

The warranty is 1 year and can only be returned to us with in 30 days not installed (new condition). If you need to confirm the FT 60 will work please let us know your engine make or model or contact EI.

Q: Can the Electronics International Fuel Flow Transducer FT60 be used with a gravity fed engine without a fuel pump?

The FT60 is to be used in an aircraft with engine-driven fuel pump & Horsepower up to 350 HP. For gravity fed systems, please see the FT90 part #10-01224.

Q: What size threads does the EI Fuel Flow Transducer FT60 use?

The EI Fuel Flow Transducer FT 60 has two female 1/4" NPT (national pipe thread) ports. Adapters are also available to fit 1/4" NPT threads.

Q: What is the difference in PN 10-01165 Dynon EMS fuel flow sensor and PN 10-01196 EI FT-60?

Part number 10-01165 and Part number 10-01196 are exactly the same part. Dynon uses the EI FT 60 for their systems.

Q: Can the FT60 be used on a fuel injected engine with Fuel pressure of about 60 psi?

Per EI, this would work.

Q: I have an IO-540 300 hp engine with electric and engine driven pumps. Does the transducer go downstream of the engine pump and before the servo?

Yes the transducer will always need to go downstream and before the servo is fine.

Q: Can you please confirm if the Fuel Flow transducer assembly (Part No. 10-01196) comes with 1/4" NPT fittings in addition to any wiring?

Yes, the EI FT60 uses 1/4" NPT fittings and wires needed to connect to your electrical system.

Q: Where can I find a wiring diagram for the FT60?

There is no wiring diagram available at this time. The red wire is +5V power, black is ground and the white wire is signal.

Q: Can the FT60 be used only with 5 volt supply or can it be used with 12v as well?

The FT-60 receives its power from the instrument it is connected to. Both 12 and 24V systems are compatible with this transducer.

Q: Is there any wiring included with the EI FT60 transducer that goes to the gauge?

There are short wires included which you will need to splice to connect with the gauge.

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