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JPI EDM Series M-113 CHT Gasket Probes

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JPI CHT Probe Gaskets 14mm/18mm. FAA TSO-C43/AS8005.

The Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) - Gasket Type (Washer) - probe, replaces the standard copper sparkplug gasket on the sparkplug. You may install the probe on the upper or lower spark plug (the one that provides the best correlation with the other temperature probe). Due to the sparkplug location, the gasket probe may read 25'F higher (generally the sparkplug is the hottest part of the cylinder, which will cause this discrepancy).
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  • 1 Thermocouple Type K CHT Gasket Probe
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Works great

Robert E Verified Purchase


October 20, 2022

This product is great, and was a direct fit with quick installation. Works great.

Barry B
January 19, 2021

Went on and worked as described. A little costly

Steven B
September 13, 2019

Installation depends on using a 12 point deep socket. Otherwise not enough room between the wiring flange on the gasket and the cylinder spark plug wall to get a good grip on the plug. Way over priced.

August 6, 2020


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Q: Can these 18mm probes be used on a EDM 700?

The JPI EDM series CHT 18mm probes can be used on the EDM 700.

Q: Does this probe piggyback on the spark plug gasket or the stock CHT probe?

Per JPI, you may install this style probe on the upper or lower spark plugs

Q: What is the overall length of the JPI EDM Series CHT Probe, part # 10-27093?

Approx 19 inches.

Q: The JPI EDM series CHT 18mm probes can be used on the EDM 830?

Yes, these are compatible.

Q: For clarity about the question on piggybacking the existing sparkplug gasket, I believe the existing sparkplug gasket should be removed when installing the JPI sensor. If both are installed, the sparkplug will not be installed deep enough in the spark plug hole leaving threads exposed. This could cause pre-ignition leading to possible damage to the cylinder or piston.

Thank you for providing this follow up, we will post it on our site for other customers reference.

Q: Which are the ones used with the EDM350 14mm or 18mm?

This depends on your engine, not the JPI unit. If your engine requires 14mm you will need those, vice versa for 18mm.

Q: What does the 14 mm vs 18 mm refer to? Which goes on a Cont. IO 550?

It is the thread diameter of the spark plug this would be installed under, an io-550 would use 18mm plugs.

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