Universal Digital Tachometer / Hourmeter

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Part# TLPT14
MFR Model# PT14


Now both a digital tachometer and an hourmeter in the same low cost and small size package! No power required yet there is a large 7 segment LCD display. Solid state electronics with quartz crystal technology make this instrument highly reliable. Easy to install - just wrap the attached wire around your spark plug cable. The case is completely sealed, it operates in a wide temperature range and the service interval is programmable.
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Easy to set up. Works good. I had installed it on a Kawasaki 340 on a MiniMax. The only issue I had is the display digits are not bold enough so it is hard to read the rpm displayed. I am switching over to a Tiny Tach, which is easier to read.

February 5, 2021

Did not work very well, and only after removing insulation on spark wire on an O-360. Id recommend going with another tach for more standard aircraft configurations.

Humphrey B Verified Purchase


August 1, 2022


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Q: Will this work on a 4 cylinder engine? What are the physical dimensions?

This can be programmed for a 4 cylinder engine. The dimensions are 2"W x 1.75"H x .75"D (does not included the side flaps with mounting holes).

Q: How long is the wire and is it extendable?

It is six feet long and it can be extended.

Q: What kind of wire do you extend it with?

An unshielded 22 to 20 gauge will work fine.

Q: Will the Universal Digital Tach work on a 6 cylinder engine?

Yes as you set different spark plug firing revolutions on the unit.

Q: What powers the Universal Digital tachometer/hourmeter?

Per the manufacturer, the Universal Digital tachometer / hourmeter contains an internal lithium battery that lasts a continuous 35,000 hours.

Q: What is its installed weight of this universal digital tachometer / hourmeter?

The installed weight is 65 grams.

Q: Is the hour meter programmable?

Per the manufacturer, yes it is programmable.

Q: When does the count of the 35,000 operation hours start? From first pushing the button?

As the display is always on, the 35,000 hrs (4 years) starts from when we received them. As of this posting, we received our last shipment 2 weeks ago.

Q: Will the Universal Digital Tachometer/Hourmeter work with my VW car engine?

Per the manufacturer the Universal Digital Tachometer/hourmeter will work with any gas engine and is self programmable for 1, 2, 4 cycle engines.

Q: Is the battery replaceable on the universal digital tachometer?

While the battery life is on average 4 years, it can sometimes last up to 5 years but the battery is built in and not replaceable.

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