Datcon Hour Meter #873 12/24V

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Part# 56457-3
MFR Model# 100690


Mounts in standard 2-1/4" instrument hole.

Standard equipment in most production aircraft. Operate on any DC voltage from 12 to 24 volts. These solid-state hour meters are recommended for use on aircraft because they start or stop instantly when power is applied or removed. Furnished with mounting hardware. If meter is connected improperly it will not operate but meter will not be damaged. The running indicator indexes every 6 seconds.


White B Verified Purchase


April 22, 2022

Arrived on time and works great so far!

Nick L Verified Purchase


April 6, 2022

I installed it and it worked.

Keith R Verified Purchase


February 22, 2022

Just installed the third one in as many months. they stop intermittently until a knock on the panel next to it starts it up again. maybe a bad batch?

Brian O Verified Purchase


February 4, 2022

AS Expected

Thomas D
February 6, 2020

I purchased this meter in 2004 when I bought a brand-new lawn tractor. I used an electrician's knockout punch set to make a perfect hole in the main mower body into which I mounted this. It is in a location where it gets bumped nearly every time I mow the lawn, as it is kind of behind my work boots. Not only has it held up to this point (nearly ten years later) but also has 650.3 hours on it! I keep track of when I replace things. So far, I have completely rebuilt the mowing deck and painted it with two-part Epoxy Paint, replaced the automatic transmission at 480 hours and just this winter, replaced the original 22 HP engine with a brand new 27 HP engine! I would definitely buy another one of these and would also have no problem highly-recommending this to ANYONE!

Rick G
March 25, 2014

#873 is the standard 2 1/4 aircraft panel size, mounts with 4 screws. In adding hours to the unit, to match SMOH on the aircraft engine, I found the meter is about 2% inaccurate. Specs say .02%, which would not be noticed. 2% will be noticed.

Larry M
September 10, 2017

After 37 hours it failed. Enough said about the quality. Never again!

Joshua P Verified Purchase


April 15, 2022

This is the second hour meter from Datcon that I had to order the first one stopped working after only 25 hours. Unfortunately, original Hobbs meters are no longer available since Honeywell discontinued this business (only NOS is available).

Rolf H Verified Purchase


December 8, 2021


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Q: Can I order the Datcon hour meter (873) preset?

Yes you can order with preset time (put is the special instructions box or tell sales rep at time of order). Lead time is about 6 weeks and can run around $75.00 (price subject to change).

Q: I'm replacing a Datcon 773. Do you know what the differences are between the 773 and 873? Are the rear tabs the same?

There is no physical difference between the two units. The rear tabs are the same on the 773 and 873.

Q: What is the depth of the Datcon 873 hour meter?

The Datcon 873 is 2.06" long. Total depth behind the panel is 1.43".

Q: I need to put an inline fuse for my Datcon 873 hour meter in my airplane. What is the amp-draw and recommended fuse size for it?

It draws 500mA for a 47 millisecond pulse every 6 seconds at 14vdc. A 2 amp fuse is recommended.

Q: Can you reset the Datcon 873 hour meter in the field?

Only the manufacturer can reset the hour meter.

Q: Is this Datcon Hour Meter 873 unit PMAd or TSOd?

No, experimental use or direct replacement only.

Q: Is it possible that you would ship Datcon aircraft clock P/N 56457-3 adjusted to specific time that would match my airplane hours?

Yes, the hours can be set for an additional charge. To set hours, order part # 10-06221 with the unit. Please note this makes the product special order so the lead time will be delayed.

Q: Does the DATCON HOURMETER #873 12/24V require a oil pressure switch to operate?

No, it does not require an oil pressure switch to operate.

Q: Is this part TSOD for certified aircraft usage or experimental only?

This is intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: How much does the Datcon 873 hour meter weigh?

This hour meter weighs approx 0.183 lbs.

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