Part# 03-00052-3
MS No.Part #Open WidthThickness


Note: piano hinge includes hinge pin

MS20257P (supercedes AN257) hinge consists of two aluminum half hinges which mate and are held together by a hinge pin. Anodized finish. MS20257C is similar to MS20257P except made in stainless steel.

MS20001P aluminum hinge is extruded. The closed hinge loops cannot be pulled apart. Furnished with hinge pin. Anodized finish.

Hinges do not come with screw holes. Customers will need to drill own mounting holes.

Stainless steel hinge available.

"-3" in part number denotes 3 ft. pc. "-6" in part number denotes 6 ft. pc. (Example: MS20001P6-3 is 3 ft. pc. of MS20001P6 hing
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Accessory Info

  • Hinge Pin (03-49000) is stainless steel, 0.089" dia., and comes in 6' lengths.



Timothy C
May 15, 2021

+recieved good in good condition and prompt. I am very please with the service, thank you Aircraft Spruce.

William C
April 12, 2021

I purchased this hinge to replace the one on my elevator trim tab on my Christen Eagle II. They were cut to specs, 9 7/8. They are soft aluminum, very light, and easy to drill. I recommend pushing the pin out 1/2, cutting off 1/4, and then pushing it back in and crimping the empty ends to keep the pins in place.

John L
April 8, 2021

just what I ordered Thanks

Kenneth H
April 5, 2021

As advertised and well wrapped protecting it from damage in shipping.

March 19, 2021

Very good, indeed. Works perfectly for my purposes.

Daniel E
February 18, 2021

MS20257C4 -This is one of those cases that you get what you pay for. -This hinge is very well built. -I bought this particular hinge to attach cowling to my aircraft and I am pretty sure that it is not going anywhere. -If you are looking for an all stainless very durable hinge and price point isnt your first concern, then this is what you should buy.

Jacob B
February 17, 2021

just as i ordered and arrived quickly

Greg R
January 7, 2021

Screwed up the part in my RV-14A kit (measure twice cut once) and ordered this to replace. Came very quickly and was very well packaged.

Tim E
December 7, 2020

The product was right, the service was great.

John W
November 3, 2020


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Q: Do you sell the piano hinge pin separately? If so, at what lengths?

Yes, we do carry the piano hinge pin seperately. Hinge Pin (03-49000) is stainless steel, 0.089" dia., and comes in 6' lengths. Please see the "Accessories" tab of this web page to order.

Q: Regarding Piano Hinges: What is the part number for the stainless steel version?

All of the part numbers listed in the table above with the designation "C" in the part number. For example, MS20257C1-3 would be stainless.

Q: Can these hinges easily be cut to custom sizes?

We use a metal chop saw to cut, but other cutting tools can be used to cut it for a specific length.

Q: What is the length of the piano hinges?

The length is notated in the part number. A -3 at the end denotes a 3 ft length, a -6 denotes a 6 ft length. For example, 03-00047-3 is a 3 ft piece, 03-00047-6 is a 6 ft piece.

Q: Does MS2025P4 come with a hinge pin and is it stainless steel?

Yes, our piano hinges do come with the hinge pin and they are all Stainless Steel.

Q: please confirm that the open width is for both legs. ie a 2 inch width has 2 x 1 inch in legs.

Yes, this is correct. The open width is for both legs. It will be the width of the entire unit once it is opened.

Q: What grade of aluminum is the hinge half made of?

This is made of 5052 Aluminum.

Q: What is the diameter of the standard hinge pin in the various hinge sizes? Does pin diameter vary by open width or by thickness?

The hinge pin diameter will vary for the open width size, and material the hinge is made from. Aluminum hinge pin for P1 is .063", P2 thru P5 is .090", an P6 is .180". Corrosion Resistant hinge C1 is .063", C2 is .090", C3 & C4 is .118", C5 & C6 is .180".

Q: What grade of stainless steel is used on the MS20257C5-3 hinges?

The specification allows 301, 302, or 304 stainless steel to be used.

Q: Can you please confirm these are extruded hinges, not rolled.

The MS20001 hinges are extruded, the rest are rolled.

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