6061T6 SHEET .125 2 X 2

Part# 03-30360
0.1251.7602 x 203-30360


Mfg test reports are available for an additional charge per line item.

Thicknesses of .016", .020", .025", & .032" can be rolled to ship UPS, but will not be returnable if rolled. The softer and thicker the material, the harder it will be to return to a flat surface.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Its flat, its square, and it was shipped with care!

Tyson D Verified Purchase

6061T6 SHEET .125 2 X 2

November 3, 2023

Great aviation products. Excellent customer service.

John L Verified Purchase

6061T6 SHEET .125 2 X 2

May 12, 2023

Michael Z Verified Purchase

6061T6 SHEET .125 2 X 2

November 30, 2021

Theodore G Verified Purchase

6061T6 SHEET .125 2 X 2

November 16, 2021

It was exactly as described on-line and met my needs perfectly. Barry T. Traxler

Barry T Verified Purchase

6061T6 SHEET .125 2 X 2

June 22, 2021

I am learning to scratch build an airplane. This was a big help learning that process. It takes materials and I have some now :D Excellent condition and they allowed me to come and pick up the stuff myself. Awesome! Great customer service. I had a lot of questions and they did not get upset with me when I changed my mind and decided to go in another direction. They simply supported me and I purchased even more stuff! I have been using this company for decades. I first started with the supplies needed for R/C aircraft back in the 80 and 90s.

May 6, 2021

It was the precise dimensions ordered and was delivered in packaging that kept it from being damaged during shipment. What more could you ask for?

Lawrence J
May 5, 2021

Came in on time and very well packaged. Meets all specs given with perfect cut edges. Saved me $70 making an aluminum liner myself. Would and will come back for any aircraft aluminum needs.

Carrol B
April 29, 2021

Thanks for your service.

Lawrence K
March 17, 2021

Always excellent condition, and packaging!

Christopher F
March 16, 2021


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Q: On a sheet of 2' x 4', which way do you run the grain?

This comes from the supplier as a |4' x 12' sheet. A 2' x 4' piece would be cut from one end, so the grain would run the shorter 2' direction.

Q: What specification is the 6061-T6 material certified to and can you supply full traceability certs?

Per the manufacturer certs: AMS-QQ-A-250/11, 08.1997 / ASTM B 209-10 / AMS 4027N, 07.2008 / ASME SB-209, 2011a. Original manufacturer certs can be supplied and must be requested at time of order. Additional charges will apply.

Q: Do you do custom cuts? I can use a whole 4x12 sheet but one of my skins is 780mm x 2600mm 2.56 ft x 8.53 ft I only have hand shears to cut with.

Yes, we can do custom cuts as long as you purchase a sheet large enough to make the cuts. You will also be responsible for purchasing the cutoffs or scrap material. Depending on the number and complexity of the cuts, additional charges may apply. Please contact our sales department to arrange the special order.