Part# 05-10148
MFR Model# A-1760-30-0480


A-1760 Vernier Control is like a A-750 control, except it has a threaded bulkhead fitting in place of the grooved or notched fitting.

Made in USA
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Q: Is this A-1760 a 10-32 or a 1/4 - 28 thread?

The A-1760 has the same 10-32 thread as the ACS A-750.

Q: Are the vernier cables positive lock or friction lock?

The A-1760 vernier is a positive "push button" lock control.

Q: Your picture shows a bare outer cable. Usually these control cables have some sort of heat resistant covering. Do you supply an uncovered or covered outer cable? If covered, what material is used and is it heat resistant?

The cable will ship exactly as pictured. There are no additional coverings over the cable.

Q: What is the stroke of the A-1760 vernier control?

The stroke is 3-3/8".

Q: Where are the measurements taken from to determine length?

From where the knob base faces the instrument panel, to the end of the threads of the cable.

Q: Regarding the A-1760 vernier control: What is the measurement in inches from the center of the threaded bulkhead fitting to the tip of the threaded end of the cable?

9-5/16" per supplier.

Q: Does this vernier cable have any lining on the inside of the outer housing to reduce friction, if not, which cable does that also has threaded bulk head ends and threaded cable ends?

Yes. They do have Teflon liners.

Q: Other than the pricing, what is the difference between these cables and the A-1760 VANS RVCUSTOM CONTROL CABLE?

The Vans model has optional stroke lengths. 2-1/4 or 2-1/2.

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