Part# 08-07401
MFR Model# 1045910


Phillips 66 Aviation Antirust Oil is a rust preventive oil specially formulated to help protect aircraft piston engines against rust and corrosion during extended periods of inactivity. Airframe manufacturers have used it for many years as “Fly Away Oil” for new or rebuilt aircraft engines that are expected to sit idle for extended periods of time. Aviation Antirust Oil may be used as “break-in oil” where an all-mineral oil is desired, and is particularly suited for situations where the engine to be broken in may not be immediately put into regular service.

When preparing an aircraft for storage, drain the used engine oil and refill with Aviation Antirust Oil. Start the engine and warm it up to normal operating temperature to ensure that the new oil is fully circulated throughout the engine and allowed to coat all engine parts. For best results, fly the aircraft prior to storage. Covering exhaust and intake ports is recommended to minimize exposure to moisture during storage.

Aviation Antirust Oil is not designed to be an everyday operational engine oil in aircraft that are flown frequently. It does not contain ashless dispersant additives. Operation time on this oil should not exceed 10 hours. When returning the plane back to normal operation after storage, this oil should be replaced with regular operational engine oil such as Phillips 66 X/C® 20W-50 Aviation Oil.

Aviation Antirust Oil is compatible with our other aviation engine oils, and may be used as a “supplement” to those products to enhance rust and corrosion protection when used in infrequently flown aircraft, particularly where high humidity is a concern. When used as a supplement, we recommend replacing up to 10% of the crankcase volume with Aviation Antirust Oil in place of the normal operational engine oil.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Engine preservative oil
  • Limited-time “break-in” oil


  • SAE Standard J1966
  • U.S. Military Specification MIL-C-6529C
  • U.S. Military Specification MIL-L-6082E (Base Oil) (obsolete)


  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection
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It’s oil, it’s slippery. I it use to pickle engines. The service from ACS was great. Product got here in a few short days thanks to their east and west coast operations.

John H
May 5, 2018

I use this oil as a 10% mixture with regular Phillips XC 20w50. Anyone living within 100 miles of the ocean should use this oil, if you want to extend the life of your engine.

Timothy L
May 4, 2017


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: Can I use 10% of Phillips 66 Anti rust oil with Aeroshell 15W50 for normal operation?

Per the tech data sheet posted in the Documents Tab on this web page, you can use up to 10% of the crankcase volume with the normal operating oil. We would suggest consulting with your A&P mechanic or Phillips Oil directly for more details on your specific application. There is a technical hotline phone number in the document.

Q: Any opinions on what infrequently flown means regarding 20W-50? Once a week, once every two weeks etc.

This is more of storage oil. If you are flying once every couple of weeks this would not be recommended. If the plane is sitting months on end then it may be an option.

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