Part# 10-01342
MFR Model# C2300-SF


Factory-new Airpath compasses as used in almost all production aircraft. 2.25" size.
  • Models: C2300, C2300-SH, C2300-L4, C2300-L4-SH
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    A replacement for the made in China product which I purchased only a few years ago. This Airpath compass appears to work as advertised. It has been swung and adjusted in the usual manner. No problems. I should have done this the first time instead of going the cheap route.

    Vern B
    February 8, 2021

    The compass was delivered on time and was exactly what I had ordered. Compass was installed on a glare shield mount in a Grumman AA1-A Trainer and works perfectly.

    Doug P
    June 24, 2020


    Ketill O
    November 7, 2019

    This was an easy install and an exact replacement for the original compass in my aircraft. It compensated easily and is as good as it gets for a whisky compass.

    Bradley B
    August 16, 2018

    Real good for the price. Deviation was off by a degree or two except on 120 which showed a -6 degrees which was configured on to the deviation card that came with it. Electronics in the plane may be the cause of such a deviation. Easy install. Does not come with dash board bracket. I recommend this if not wanting to spend the $200 extra for the best ones.

    Chad H
    March 30, 2017

    I am sure the compass is worthy of a 5 star rating, but there are other problems. The literature says it comes with no compass card or card holder, we need to order those separately. So I did. The compass did come with a card holder and card. But the edges of the card holder are crimped so tightly that the card and protective plastic will not fit into it. Also the screws holding the cover plate on the compass, which I expect are to be used to attach the card holder, have such big heads that there appears to be no way to get the card in place. There is also a third hole in the middle of the holder, and an extra screw, which will not screw into the center hole in the compass. It should be relatively simple to attach a card holder to a compass, but perhaps I am overlooking something?

    Stephen A
    October 6, 2020


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    Q: What is the TSO number for the panel mount magnetic compass?

    FAA: TSO-C7c

    Q: How much does this Airpath panel mount compass weigh?

    This compass weighs approximately .56 lbs on its own.

    Q: Does the Airpath Panel Mount Compass C2300 part number 10-01340 threads for a mounting screw in the center of the back of the compass? Does the lighted model part number 10-01341 have a 2 wires coming from the top of the unit?

    Part number 10-03140 does not have the threads for mounting the screw in the center as this is a panel mount compass. Part number 10-01341 does have the 2 wires that come from the top of the unit.

    Q: I am restricted by depth behind my panel, please can you supply dimensions.

    The C2300 compass fits in a 2.25 hole and needs 3 inches of clearance from behind the panel.

    Q: Does the compass come ready to install, with fluid installed?

    Per the manufacturer: Yes, the compass fluid for the C2300 series airpath compass is included inside of the unit.

    Q: Does the Airpath C2300 panel mount compass come with mounting screws and nuts required?

    Yes, it does come with the mounting screws and nuts required.

    Q: What is the fluid within the Airpath C2300 compass?

    Part number 10-08100 is a kerosene based fluid.

    Q: Does the C2300 (Not Lighted) compass require a power source? i.e. 12 volt power.

    No, the unlighted Airpath Compass does not require a power source for operation.

    Q: Does the Airpath C2300 compass come with a compass deviation card holder and deviation card?

    No, they must be ordered separately. Please see P/N: 10-01659 for the card and P/N: 10-01658 for the holder.

    Q: Does the lighted model part number 10-01341 have a 2 wires coming from the top of the unit and is there a male plug at the end of the two wires? Does this compass need to be swung after being installed?

    Part number 10-01341 does have the 2 wires that come from the top of the unit. These wires are bare at the end and will need to be swung after install.

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