Part# 11-00014
MFR Model# 02-0350281-00


Note: Bulb not included. See "Accessories" tab.

Whelen Head Assembly for Post Light.
Replacement parts for A350 Post Light assembly.
Available in: Instrumental White, Red or Clear

Whelen P/N Model No. Description
02-0350281-00 A354IWBK Post Light HD Assembly (Instrument White)
02-0350281-03 A354CLBK Post Light HD Assembly (Clear)
02-0350281-06 A354RDBK Post LIght HD Assembly (Red)
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Converted the red colored lenses to white on my Pa23-250.

Joseph L
March 10, 2017

After 19 years in service, the plastic heads are beginning to break off, these are exact replacements. I wanted to add several cases of oil to the order but the freight rates were so high that I found another supplier.

April 6, 2018

These would be too expensive at half the price! BUT, when compared to crashing because you cant see a key instrument in the dark, I suppose the cost isnt so bad. What can you do, its aviation!

December 7, 2017

This item was very pricey and did not include the bulb. The quality was very good.

Lester D
May 1, 2017

Couldnt tell that they were so short and nothing more than a metal ring with plastic cover. Need to find another solution because they arent long enough to extend beyond my dash plastic.

Eric C Verified Purchase


January 6, 2022


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Q: For the Whelen Post light Head assembly A354, what is the working voltage? 14 or 28V?

The parts listed on this page are head assemblies only. They are intended as replacement parts on the A350-14 (14V) or A350-28 (28V).

Q: What lamp goes with the Whelen post light head assembly?

The replacement lamps for this assembly would be GE-327 or GE-330. We have added them to the accessories tab on this page.

Q: What is the difference between instrument white and clear? The hood is still black is it not?

The difference between the two is the lens. This would change and not the actual hood post itself. The hood post would still be black no matter which color you get. What changes is the lens inside the post. The instrument white has a blue tint, and clear is a bright white.

Q: Is the A-350-14 post light dimmable?

Yes, this light can be dimmed.

Q: What is the diameter of the hole in the panel?

It is designed to replace one of the mounting screws on an instrument so you wouldn't need to drill a hole into the panel. If they wanted to mount it to the panel directly its the diameter of a 6-32 screw(.138".)

Q: Will these fit to replace my missing Grimes post light heads?

Per Whelen there are too many grimes lights to be sure, and they recommend replacing the whole assembly.

Q: Is there an LED lamp available for these post light heads?

There is not a replacement LED head for this series, but Whelen does make replacement led post lights, like the 71450 series.

Q: Can I have socket dimensions of the Whelen A354 post lights?

This measures to .315" OD for the socket.

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