Part# 13-05731
MFR Model# LA36HB-WCP/36X144-ELLS


Internally lighted, heavy duty ball-bearing frame, with 1- 75 to 300W lamp, extended to 30 double hoop frameworks. (3/8 round metal frameworks) FAA approved sizes per FAA Advisory Circular #AC150/5345-27C dated 07/19/85. Furnished complete with windsocks. Optional top red obstruction light.

Bright Colorfast International Orange. Includes UV attachment ties.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



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Q: What kind of bulb base is used? I would like to use a standard socket LED 100w equivalent at our airport (Falmouth Airpark). Thanks, Mitch Garner

Per the supplier: On these units you should be able to use any standard outdoor floor or spot lamp, or LED providing lamp has standard par 38 socket (which is most common). Remember the bulb must be approved for outdoor usage.

Q: On the 24 inch model, is there one or two light sockets?

The standard frames are furnished with one light socket. They can be ordered with two for additional cost. Please contact our sales department for pricing and availability of this special order setup.

Q: Can these lighted frames be run on 220/240V electricity?

All of these Internally Lighted Aviation Windsock Frames operate on 120 volts only. You would need some type of step up converter installed at the power source to run them on 220/240v.

Q: We've recently purchased item #13-02043, 18" internally lighted windsock frame with 8' windsock. Can you provide me with the Effective Projected Area (EPA) number for this model?

Per supplier: I think you are asking about the area of illumination. Area of illumination will be the inside of the Windsock which is the pointed concentrated lighted inside perimeter of the windsock. 18" in diameter by 96" length = 5.424 sq. inches effective area. If your talking of projected lighted outside, that will depend on outside weather conditions darkness, visibility, and etc.

Q: Regarding part # 13-02043, (18 internally lighted windsock frame with 8' windsock), what is the wind load?

Per Vendor: Fully opened and extended at 15 knots or 16-1/2 MPH.

Q: Do these come with solid orange or orange and white windsocks? What is the windsock length on the 18 vs. 20?

They are solid orange and both the 18" and 20" socks are 96" long.

Q: How does it mount to the pole? Pipe thread? Is there a drawing?

This threads to 3/4 in. Standard pipe coupling. This coupler mush be installed on top of the pole first. This can be purchased at a local hardware store.

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