Part# 13-08630
MFR Model# CESS172P/P
ModelPart No.
172P Pocket Checklist (6.5 X 4 Inch)13-08630


Checkmate checklists make a dramatic difference with everyday use and also in critical situations. Checkmate is the only checklist that contains virtually all of the data desired by pilots, excluding the extraneous information that leads to inefficiency and confusion. Checkmate checklists eliminate the cluttered 15-page flip-book that pilots often use begrudgingly.

The top two-thirds of the front of the checklist include the actual checklist section, covering everything from INITIAL to SECURING. Below the checklist items, in the yellow section, are all of the V-speeds (not a partial listing). The V-speeds are in front of you at all times, not tucked away in a chart somewhere. Checkmate even added V-speeds for Va and Best Glide at lighter weights. This is important since these speeds are slower with less weight. All speeds are given in KNOTS and MPH. The bottom section shows proper configuration and data for DEPARTURE, CRUISE, and ARRIVAL, such as speeds, flaps, power settings and other special notes.

Emergency procedures with the subject headings highlighted in red are found on the back of the checklist. Next are light gun signals and common frequencies. The yellow box in the corner gives useful information such as loads, fuel type and capacity, oil, electrical, and tire information.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • By far, the most complete single card checklist on the market
  • Over a decade of time-tested evolution, assuring you of having the most comprehensive and accurate data possible
  • Intuitive; data that is logical, concise and complete
  • Emergency procedures are found instantly; eliminates searching
  • Accurate and specific data and procedures for your model/year aircraft
  • The most comprehensive V-speed section in the industry; speeds are given in both knots and MPH
  • Everything is on one card; no pages to flip through; one of the few checklists that will continue to be used after the instructor is gone
  • Full color graphic layout, greatly enhancing quick reference and reduced eye strain
  • A dedicated departure, cruise and arrival section
  • Fuel, oil, electrical, tire and weight information
  • Important communication frequencies and light signals
  • Linear scale for measuring WAC, SEC, TAC, NOS, ElA, & Jeppesen mileage distances
  • Over 300 aircraft models available with the identical format; this vastly improves your comfort and safety when flying different aircraft models
  • CheckMate is used in Part 135 operations, Part 141 schools, and Part 61 schools
  • Size designations: Standard 6.5" by 9", Compact 5" by 7", Pocket 3.75" by 6.25"
  • Lifetime warranty



Ward B Verified Purchase


November 27, 2021


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