Part# 1863
MFR Model# U1863A-000


The Scott Model 2000 tailwheel (formerly Model 3-24B), with 6" solid rubber tire is steerable, with full-swivel capability. Attaching bracket accommodates 1-1/2" leaf springs. A spacer and adapter for use with 1-1/4" leaf springs are included. Wt. 5 lb. 6 oz.


It was exactly as requested, the entire order. The order arrived sooner than scheduled. Awesome.

February 18, 2021

This part is a MUST for proper tailwheel operation.

Robert M
August 12, 2019

Nice quality part. Better built than the original one I had!

Courd B
June 22, 2019

Good fit and finish for a non-OEM part. acceptable.

July 13, 2017

I ordered the 3235-2 dust cap and had to return it because the side cut-outs did not fit the arm assembly on my Scott 3200. The parts list includes only one style of arm assembly and dust caps to fit that one only. Mine is the style with the tips bent up which has wider arms. My wheel is at least 35 years old.

Bob K
July 8, 2020


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Q: Does part 06-01291 attach to the spring with one our two holes?

Part # 06-01291 is the two hole version.

Q: What is the tire and tube for Scott 3200 tailwheel?

The Scott 3200 tailwheel uses a 280x250x4 tire, found under our part # 06-01244. The tube can be found under our part # 06-00760.

Q: No. 11, 1883 Bearing...2 are required for the assembly. Is the listed price for one bearing of a set of 2?

Part # 1883 will include 1 bearing and 1 race.

Q: Do Scott 3200 tailwheel parts interchange with Alaska Bushwheel parts?

They will fit and will work just fine but the mechanic would have to use their discretion. We cannot confirm the PMA approvals are interchangeable.

Q: What is included in the Scott model 2000 hub kit pn# 1967

This kit includes 2 wheel halves and 3 screws. It does not include the bearing and race.

Q: What is the difference in the length of the standard axle bolt versus the wide axle bolt?

We believe you are asking about the BI-872 bolt which is for the ABI-3400-b tailwheel. This bolt is longer because the ABI-3400-b has a wider fork because it is used with the baby bushwheel tire/wheel combo.

Q: No. 18, hub cap assy. What is included in the assy? Screws, gasket and cap?

It has the hub cap, screws and a felt washer.

Q: Do the 3200 wheel halves 06-00745 come with the bolts that hold them together?

No the bolts would be separate.

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