SS MS21044C4 1/4-28 SS STOPNUT

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SinglePack of 10
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Stainless Steel Lock Nut1/4-28MS21044C4AN365C428--


Stainless Steel Lock Nut


top ahape

Douglas H Verified Purchase

SS MS21044C4 1/4-28 SS STOPNUT

August 7, 2021

Douglas H Verified Purchase

SS MS21044C4 1/4-28 SS STOPNUT

July 15, 2021

plastic bags are fine !!!

Peter D
May 29, 2020

Excellent quality, except for being packaged in PLASTIC! A small paper bag would do . . .

Douglas H
May 10, 2020

All good except for the plastic packaging. Small paper sacks would do just as well . . .

D. H
May 9, 2020


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Q: I need 10 MS21044-C5 SS nuts... I don't see them listed... If you have them could you please add them to this order?

We have added MS21044C5 to the web page. Thank you for bringing this ommission to our attention.

Q: Do you carry part # MS21044C3 Locknuts?

Yes, please see our part number # AN365C1032. This is cross referenced as MS21044C3.

Q: I can not find part number MS21044C3 or the AN # AN365C1032? I have purchased these in the past from Aircraft Spruce.

We have added it to the webpage. Please refresh the page and it is now available to order.

Q: Which of the above nuts are 8-32 thread?


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