Standard Aircraft Winch

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Part# 13-01764
MFR Model# AW-100


Just hook cable to the tail tie down ring and press the button. Moves aircraft up to 3,000 lbs. rolling weight on smooth, flat surfaces. If uphill, on gravel, or there is a large hangar lip, most aircraft will require the Heavy Duty variant.

Includes 75' of cable and 100' of control cord with an automatic safety shut off. Cable speed is 30 ft. per minute. Floor mount requires Wag-Aero Mounting Kit Cat. No. AW-001.


  • Includes welded on back plate.
  • 100' of cable.
  • 75' of control cord.
  • Has an automatic safety shut off.


  • Moves aircraft up to 3,000 pounds.
  • Cable speed is 30 feet per minute.
  • Voltage 100 AC.


This unit works perfectly. One key is to make sure drum is lined up to load. Installed easily with 4 1/4 lag screws into concrete.

Michael P
March 9, 2020

Do not hook this to your tail tie down. Tail tie downs are meant to pull down not backwards. Pulling backwards puts the tie in shear rather than tension causing damage to the structure that supports the tie. Especially on Cessna where the tie is simply bolted through the skin and aft stringers. Hangar neighbor just spent a thousand dollars having the sheet metal repaired from using this device to pull his 182 up a small incline at the hangar door. If you use this device, make a cradle out of rope and lanyard it to something more substantial than your took tie down.

Christopher G
May 22, 2021


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Q: What is the difference between this winch and the Heavy Duty Winch? I see this is suitable for aircraft up to 3000 lbs.

The only difference between this unit and the Heavy Duty winch (13-06125) is that this winch has a plastic drum and the heavy duty winch has a metal drum. This version is suitable for aircraft up to 3000 lbs.

Q: Is there a more complete or detailed plan or explanation of how this mounts to a wall? I am looking at mounting it on a post behind the plane, but need more detail on how that gets completed.

Per Vendor: You would have to drill holes in the mounting plate that the motor is attached to if you would want to mount this to a wall or post.

Q: What are the dimensions of the aircraft winch?

Per Vendor: Control Cable, 100 ft long. Cable to connect to the Aircraft with the hook, 75ft long. Mounting plate that is connected to the motor, 17 X 9-3/4" with 3/16" Steel Thickness.

Q: How much does the aircraft winch weigh?

This unit weighs approximately 55 lbs.

Q: Will this aircraft winch run on 220 volts?

No, this will only run on 100V AC.

Q: Does this connect to the aircraft tail hook?

This attaches to the tail tie down ring.

Q: Can you describe for me the automatic safety shut off of the winch 13-01764?

It has a momentary switch on the controller, when you let you it stops.

Q: How long is the electrical cord?

The power cord is 19" long.

Q: Does it operate in both directions, so you can ease your airplane OUT of the hangar as well?

It does not power out, it free reels out.

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