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Part# 13-06139
MFR Model# AC2


If you fly for very long you will quickly realize the importance of locking your control surfaces when leaving the plane outdoors. Finally we have a solution. The AirGizmos Gust Locks are designed to quickly lock virtually any control surface securely. Its bright color and integrated flag reminds you to remove before flight. The rubber cushions ensure that your finish will be protected. They are lightweight and portable. Perfect for carrying in the plane wherever you go.
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Lock looks nice and the padding seems good quality. Unfortunately the strap mechanism is useless and can easily be undone by pulling the pads apart. I put it on the elevator and thought that was pretty handy until I tried moving the elevator gently which caused the strap to loosen. I tried a second and the effect was the same. There does appear to regions of the strap which hold the mechanism tight. But to be able to gently pull the locks and have the strap slip is poor design.

Alex S
June 21, 2019

I have one of these gust locks for my RV-7. I found that it does not grip the strap well. I threaded the strap thru the unit in different manners, there are only about 3 ways the strap can be installed. Not sure what the manufacturers intent is, I found one way that worked the best. That word being relative. The over-centering camlike lever has no teeth in it to grip the strap. The end result is like Dod F and Jeremiah have stated: The lock loses it grip. I spend about 3-5 minutes getting the gust lock installed, trying to get it tight, what should take 1 minute. I really cant see how they would have designed this unit without teeth, or a better cam to grab the strap better. The rest of the unit seems to be of high quality, hopefully the mfg reads customer reviews and goes back and redesigns the unit.

Mark D
May 15, 2019

Cessna 172N has had some storms come through and noticed that the contraption would back off in high wind. it needs to have a longer base as well to rest on the surface. The small base still allows for movement. I wound up making my own out of 2X4, carpet and all thread bolt and nut. Solid as a rock now.

Jeremiah C
May 15, 2019

So glad to have this after installing G5s, regular control lock doesnt fit. Not 5 stars since it came with the strap 90 degrees off, and had to be popped open and snapped back with great difficulty. I got it off and took to my young mechanic to get it snapped back together.

Shairrie V
January 16, 2019

Really does not fit/work for my Cessna 414. Its really too small for my massive rudder. Im going to try heating/melting it to be able to make it fit better.

William R
April 3, 2017

Agree with the other comments, and would add that the lock has a tendency to come off in rain/mist. I do have fabric control surfaces, though, which makes things more slippery. With that all said, I am reordering 2 new ones right now after the last 2 broke because of wear. Those lasted me two years.

December 30, 2015

These are good for light use applications. Once you figure out how to take all slack out they clamp like nothing else. However, in our application with a large membership and multiple flights this has proven to not be made for heavier use. We purchased 3 of these for 3 different C-152's (rudder applications)and all have failed within a year. Total use between the 3 aircraft was about 650 hours. The plastic clamps have broken and the webbing, as stated, breaks down quickly. Not saying that it's a bad product. I just would not recommend this item for heavier use.

Dod F
October 21, 2014

I would give this lock 5 stars if the fabric was stronger. It rots and brakes in just a few months when used in the weather and sun.

Jim P
March 1, 2014

I have been using these for about a year now and I am very satisfied.

Tom G
June 3, 2013

Hey Bob, look in Accessories..they DO have the replacement straps.for the locks...or so it says...Cheers!

Howard B
June 2, 2013


Q: I see these are universal. Will these AirGizmos gust locks work well installing on C-152 and C-172 rudders?

Yes, these are universal and will work great with the aircraft you mentioned.

Q: Will the AirGizmos Universal Gust Lock (part # 13-06139) work on a RV rudder?

Per AirGizmos: Yes, this will work on an RV rudder just fine. The best place to install this is at the top at the counterweight. On an RV-10 you may need a step stool to reach that high.

Q: Can the orientation of the strap be rotated on the Airgizmos Gust Lock so that the locks are horizontal when used as a rudder lock?

The strap orientation cannot be rotated.

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