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Aithre Oxygen Bottle With Fixed Flow Regulator 47L

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Part# 13-23419


The Aithre personal oxygen bottle is constructed from lightweight composite carbon fiber with an aluminum lining and is designed for low altitude and short duration mid-altitude use. Offering a 2000 PSI working pressure, simple on-off gauge, and preset 0.5 LPM flow rate, this bottle is ideal for pilots in private GA aircraft for refreshing before an approach and supporting brief climbs above terrain or weather at altitudes of 5k MSL - 15k MSL.

Small enough and light enough to fit in your flight bag, the Aithre oxygen bottle is 100% refillable and can store 47L of compressed oxygen at 2000 PSI. If you don't already fill your own oxygen, filling your own bottles is easy and very cost-effective. You can easily fill the bottle yourself for about $0.50 - $1.00 per fill ($0.02 per liter of compressed oxygen) using the following parts from AEROX and an oxygen supply tank. The oxygen supply tank can be either a large cylinder from your gas company (e.g. NORCO) OR another portable oxygen tank (e.g. another portable oxygen cylinder) filled by your FBO.

  • No oxygen is contained in the bottle when shipped
  • Filling port is 3/8"-24 UNF (FAM-PB3 adaptor from Aerox)
  • Fill yourself using Aerox transfilling equipment (FA540-72-G hose/gauge from Aerox)

  • Required for Refilling

  • FA540-72-G filling hose/gauge for single tank (or the cascade system for 2 or more tanks)
  • FAM-PB3 filling adaptor (included in the cascade system for 2 or more tanks)
  • Oxygen supply tank (either large cylinder from gas supply company OR another portable oxygen cylinder)

  • Simply hook up the Aerox adaptor to your Aithre bottle and slowly open the valve of the oxygen supply tank. The one-way valve will allow transfer of the oxygen to the Aithre bottle. Upon filling, turn off the oxygen supply tank and disconnect the Aerox adaptor from the Aithre bottle and you are good to go. More details are on our resources page under oxygen refilling instructions.
    Each Aithre oxygen bottle includes the bottle itself, an easy-operate regulator, a Uni-flo2 cannula, and a sporty Aithre carrying bag. The Uni-flo2 cannula is an innovative single-prong nasal cannula that can be inserted in one nostril for comfortable easy application. A unique copper wire insert within the tubing adds conformability and shape memory comfort.


    • 47 LITERS
    • Carbon fiber & aluminum construction
    • 2.5 inches x 11.5 inches overall
    • 1 lbs 14oz (filled)
    • 47 L oxygen volume @ 2000 PSI (0.36 L liquid volume)
    • 2.1 hours continuous flow time
    • 2000 PSI working pressure
    • 3000 PSI maximum rating
    • 15 year bottle service life (retesting every 5 years)
    • Preset single flow rate 0.5 Liters Per Minute (LPM)
    • Hose barb for one cannula
    • Pressure gauge with one-piece brass construction

    In The Box

    • Carbon fiber/aluminum bottle
    • Easy-operate regulator with simple on-off operation
    • Uni-flo2 single-prong cannula
    • Aithre neoprene carrying bag



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