Eds-4Ip Built-In Pulse Demand Oxygen System

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Part# 13-05746
MFR Model# 00EDS-2004-01


FAA-CAMI tested: EDS-4ip built-in Pulse Demand oxygen management systems are complete kits that include all you need to do high flight-level cross country flying with ultimate physiological safety.

Kit includeds the low-profile instrument panel or overhead-mountable EDS 4ip control head unit with a 2.25" X 3.125" vertical form factor, four (4) remote-mountable oxygen outlet distributor units, the new IPR (Intelligent Peripheral Regulator) with our light-weight carbon-fiber-wrapped cylinder with a 48 cu. ft. capacity allowing many round-trips without oxygen refills. In addtion, masks, cannulas, as well as necessary hardware and tubing are included. Also, the pilot station comes with our, FAA-CAMI flight-level 250 tested Pulse-Demand ALPS FaceMask, that can be upgraded with a noise-cancelling microphone at any time. You can also add the Alps face mask with or without microphone for all others as well.

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NOTE: The EDS ip systems automatically operate from a 12 or 24 Volt system at a mere 250 ma. of current. Therefore, if not specified, during your order the IPR will come with a 12 volt valve and the schematics will instruct that it be powered from the control head, via pin-19. The most preferred configuration. Otherwise the valve for the IPR must be specified for either 12 or 24 volt operation if you decide to power the IPR valve through system power and not from the control head.



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Q: Is there a 2-place system?

Yes, it is part number 13-05745.