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Hotseat Flight Sim Pilot Pro 4 With Intsrument Pod

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Part# 13-12919
MFR Model# PP4


Hands on NAV and COM Radios, Autopilot, Gear, Trim and the CUBE™ which display either Compass, Horizon, Altimeter, Rate of Accent / Decent or Turn Indicator and can cycle through them with the touch of a button. The Instrument Pod ™ is fully integrated and mounted Ready to Fly. The Pilot Pro includes upgraded Fabric Reclining Seat and our 1 Click Macro to load all of the screens where they belong, No Muss or Fuss.. Just Simply CLICK on the desktop and the HotSeat Pilot Pro does the rest for you.

Chassis: Steel tube powder coated Red, Blue, Yellow, Black
Coupling Mounts: Welded and fully adjustable
Fore & Aft / Up & Down / Cup Holder Included

Cockpit Display: 22" HD wide screen monitor
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Computer: Pilot Pro PC is designed and built by HotSeat to deliver superb graphics and frame rates and will support 4 displays.
  • Controls: CH Yoke and Rudder controls
  • Instrument Pod:.NAV & COM radios, Auto Pilot, Accessory panel and CUBE which will display either Altitude, Rate of Accent/Decent, Turn Indicator, Air Speed, Compass or Horizon


  • Dimensions: 50” wide, 60” long, 61” high
  • Power: 110v 15 amp



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Q: Does the Hotseat flight sim pilot pro 4 with instrument pod have the same controls and functions as a real plane and most importantly does it have accurate Physical responses as a normal plane? Meaning turbulences etc.

Per the manufacturer, the Pilot Pro 4 with Instrument pod comes with everything you need (yoke, peddles, etc) to for simulation purposes. There is no simulated turbulence or physical responses but there is a subwoofer included that adds to the experience.