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Part# 13-03515-1A


The chair style Long Softie is designed to conform to and maximize the comfort of the contoured seating found in todays high performance gliders and aerobatic aircraft.
The Long Softie is available in either 180 lb.(13" wide) or 240 lb. (15" wide) versions. It is available with either our standard H harness or our unique crossover style Aerobatic Harness.

Container specifications: 2.25" thick x 13" or 15" wide x 35" long.
Canopy Type: Steerable Conical. Total weight: 16 lbs.

Please specify your harness choices and any options when ordering.

Accessory Info

Harness Options
B-12 Snap on Cheststrap
P/N 13-09053
Quick Ejector Snaps - allow for fast, easy, one hand disconection of the harness attach points. Quick ejectors offer a nice convience, however, it is important to know they are bulkiest and heavist of all the connector hardware they offer.
Quick Ejector Snap on chest strap
P/N 13-09054
Quick Ejector Snaps on leg straps (conventional harness only) P/N 13-09061
Thread Thru Adaptors - are the flatest and lightest of the connectors they offer. For a pilot that is interested in minimumizing weight and bulk, thread thru adaptors are an excellent choice.
No Charge
Aerobatic Harness
No Charge
Capewell Canopy Releases (harness is non adjustable) - allow the canopy to be disconnected from the harness. If you fly in areas where high ground winds are common you may want to consider this option. Capewell's will allow you to release the canopy to avoid being drug across the ground after landing.
NOTE: The harness main lift web is non-adjustable when Capewells are installed.
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Container Options
Genuine Sheepskin Backpad
P/N 13-09055
Matching Carry-All bag
P/N 13-09056
Lumbar Pad (Long Softie only)
P/N 13-09057
Custom Colors
Brown, Orange, Gold, Green, Teal,
Tan, Purple
P/N 13-09058
Cotton Sweat Pad P/N 13-09059
Monogram (Max 5 letter and/or numbers)
Your choice of thread color
P/N 13-09060

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