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Part# 13-19503
MFR Model# 0009-0348-3000


The Active Cooling Mount was created with the safety of pilots and iPad™ users in mind.
Works with iPad™ mini Versions 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
  • Switch between using Micro USB or power by battery (4AA Mini Version).
  • Battery test button shows status of batteries. Green indicates high battery life, yellow indicates low battery life and red indicates battery replacement.
  • Spring loaded latch makes loading your iPad easy and secure.
  • Low noise fans (26 DBA)
  • Weight: 7 oz (no batteries no iPad™)
  • Dimensions: 8.3in x 5.6in x 1.7in
  • Compatible with RAM Mounts
  • Compatible with MGF© mounts when used with our MGF© Amp Adapter and MGF Puck Adapter (You must purchase both of these adapters for this to work with your MGF Mount.)
  • Kneeboard accessory mounts Active Cooling Mount to your leg.
  • Electronics are dust and moisture resistant.
*iPad™, AA batteries and micro USB cord are not included


I have been using the Xnaut for almost two years now. Cessna 182 in Arizona. Yes, in the summer its HOT from the surfact to 8,000 ft. in late spring and summer. I bought this when I was flying a Piper. Now I have airline style vents so I only turn on the Xnaut until I reach cruising altitude. On initial purchase I tested it at the house in direct sun with Foreflight runnning. The screen Temp. got to 133 but IPad did not shut down. No issues in the airplane at all. Highly recommend.

Albert J
July 5, 2020

Before buying the X-Nautical I looked at several sites over several months to read the reviews. Most of the reviews stated that their heat problem with their computer was solved. One review stood out and said the unit was flimsy and sent it back. When I did order the X-Naut. I did not know what to expect. When it arrived I was surprised at how well made it was. It was not flimsy The fans are very quiet outside of the aircraft. I cannot see how anyone in a small plane would hear the little fans. As far as using aircraft power I haven’t been able to use it yet. For me the batteries are fine. Ill rate the unit at 4 stars as I have not used it yet. Jim Fitzpatrick

Jim F
December 13, 2019

Be advised that if you want to mount this on a yoke mount you will not be able to use the aircraft power because the power connector is a mini USB connector which disconnects at the slightest movement of the yoke. You’ll have to use the batteries or highly modify the connection with zip ties, etc. They need to incorporate a lightning connector for the aircraft power instead of the outdated mini USB connector

Tom C
May 20, 2019


Q: This X-naut active cooling mount for iPad Mini says compatible with RAM mounts. Does it have the RAM ball on the back?

No, it has an amp pattern connection spot. This is where a RAM round base adapter, part # 11-07069, would screw into.

Q: I already bought the cooling mount and it works fine. Unfortunately my Ipad is no longer and I have to replace it. Will the new ipad mini 5 also fit in this cradle as it only mentions 1-4 ?

Yes, the iPad Mini 5 fits in this cradle.

Q: Is there a cooling mount for the regular sized iPad?

Yes, see Part# 13-19502 for the Air 1-2 and Pro 9.7. See Part# 13-21626 for the Pro 10.5. See Part# 13-22326 for the Pro 11.

Q: Can the iPad mini mount be placed directly on the panel? Is this a flush mount or will the mount stick out of the panel?

This is the device holder only. It is designed to work with RAM and MGF accessories. It is not specifically designed for panel installation.

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