Oregon Aero Seat Cushion - Velocity Cushion

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Part# 13-07490
MFR Model# 30VEL01-R


Oregon Aero® VK SmartCushion™ Systems for Experimental and Homebuilt aircraft offer maximum-comfort seating designed for your particular aircraft. The VK SmartCushion™ System shifts the hips, pelvis and back into a comfortable sitting position. At the same time, the seat cushions support occupants over as large an area of the seat surface as possible, preventing painful "hot spots." Pilot and passengers fly in comfort-no matter how long the flight. All Oregon Aero® Seating Systems are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Un-upholstered cushion core
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Q: I have a few questions on this item. 1. Is this cushion set single foam or multi foam density layer? If multi density, what is the layer schedule (2 green, 1 blue, 1 yellow, etc). 2. Is this symmetric between pilot and co-pilot seat? 3. Is there available a similar product for the Velocity XL dash 5 rear bench?

Per the supplier: 1) Multi, 1 LD24 / 2 Blue / 1 Pink. 2) Yes, pilot and co-pilot are mirror image. 3) Yes, 60/40 style.

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