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Part# 01-38400


Note: Free Shipping on catalogs shipped within the USA (including Alaska + Hawaii). Canadian and international catalog orders will incur a $20 freight charge via Bulk Mail. Additional items may incur additional freight charges. Expedited shipping will incur additional freight charges.


If you fly, repair, restore or build aircraft this catalog is a must for you. Fully illustrated with over 100,000 products for certificated, experimental and ultralight aircraft and the pilots that fly them. We carry the most extensive selection of products in the industry.
  • Over 1,100+ Pages of Full Color Aviation Products
  • Instruments & Avionics
  • Metal Sheet & Tubing
  • Composite Materials
  • Pilot Supplies
  • Airframe Parts
  • Electrical Supplies
  • Aircraft Kits
  • Engine Parts
  • Landing Gear
  • Hardware
  • Books and Videos
  • And Much More . .

Made in USA


Full Color Catalog


If you fly, repair, restore or build aircraft this catalog is a must for you. Fully illustrated with over 100,000 products for certificated, experimental and ultralight aircraft and the pilots that fly them. We carry the most extensive selection of products in the industry.

Free Shipping On Catalog Orders With USA


Catalog only orders shipping to domestic addresses within the USA qualify for free USPS shipping. For international and Canadian customers, a $20 shipping fee must be collected.

Aircraft Spruce Interactive PDF


We are proud to announce our digital catalog is available as a PDF download and for the first time ever is interactive with our website. Just click on a part number in the digital version and you will be brought to our website for pricing, stock and ordering.

View In Catalog On E-Commerce Site


A new feature for this year’s catalog is the “View in Catalog” link you will see on many pages. If a web page contains a product found in our print catalog, the link will be presented at the bottom of the product page. Clicking the link opens a window to the PDF catalog page, and from there you can click other part numbers to see those product details online, or page forward and backward to browse like products in the same section. Note: Paging feature not available on tablet or smartphones.


Great to have a hard copy to compile and compare orders.

Greg S
March 27, 2020

great for browsing

Anthony B
March 26, 2020

Perfect thank you very much

Roland Q
March 22, 2020

This catalog has lots of things which are not only aircraft related but also good for any hobby or business shop. Thanks

Richard E
March 15, 2020

I really appreciate ACS including this in my order at no additional cost. It is really nice to be able to thumb through a catalog and not be limited with on-line searches.

March 14, 2020

A very complete catalog.

John W
March 5, 2020

The new Aircraft Spruce printed catalog is the bible of aircraft innovation and craftsmanship. Now in full color, it has essentially all the parts and supplies needed for building the full range of experimental aircraft, both plans and kit designs. The catalog is backed up by a staff of friendly and knowledgeable enthusiasts, ready to help the aviation builder purchase exactly what they need to accomplish their dream airplane. And, the catalog and company just keeps getting better, supporting many aviation programs.

Charles S
March 1, 2020

Like having a Christmas catalog. Everything for performance needs. Use these items on my race car.

February 29, 2020

A must have catalog and it is easier to have it delivered to my house than to carry it all over Oshkosh in a backpack to get it in July. My only problem is to keep it without it disappearing.

February 24, 2020

Your Catalog will be very much helpful for our future orders. Thank you!

Abhilash J
February 16, 2020


Q: Is it possible to get a copy of the catalog on CD? The PDF is tad large to download.

Please use part number 01-00612. We have added it to this page in the "Accessories" tab.

Q: Is shipping to Canada subject to the $20 bulk mail charge when part of an order? Or is the $20 charge when the catalog is the only item ordered?

No, the $20 bulk mail charge for Canada and International shipments is when the catalog is the only item on the order. If we are adding a catalog to an order with other merchandise, additional freight is not billed.

Q: Is there a shipping charge for delivery to Ohio if I am only ordering a catalog? The web page says there is not but the ordering form keeps putting a $10.00 charge on. I am a member of AOPA if makes a difference!

No. There is no freight charge on catalog orders shipping within the USA. Make sure in the shopping cart that your country is set to USA and the freight charge will display FREE.

Q: When I follow the link to the download it opens on the webpage. How do I download the PDF of your catalog from that webpage while using my iPad? Or, can you email the .pdf to me for easy download?? You may want to consider that as a regular option... Thank You and Blue Skies, Ted

If you scroll down on the page for the download, there is a link to download the entire catalog as a PDF. You can also click here to start the download. It is 89mb. Once it is downloaded you can save it to your Books on the iPad.

Q: When will your 2019-20 catalogue be available?

Our new catalog is released at EAA Airventure Oshkosh each year. This year's event begins on July 22nd.

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