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AeroLEDs Sunspot 36 Equinox Dual-Function PAR36 Landing / Taxi - FAA-PMA For Certified Aircraft

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AeroLEDs SunSpot 36 Equinox is the industries first true dual function LED Landing and Taxi light. In landing mode, it will output a 20X20 bright white beam angle for high-speed take-offs and landings to greatly improve visibility both on the ground and in the air from up to 30 miles away. While in taxi mode, the light produces a wider beam spread (20 X45) that outputs a solid and evenly distributed light pattern for unmatched illumination of the runway/taxiway without impairing the vision of other pilots. All lights in the SunSpot Equinox Series come standard with integrated Pulse or WigWag feature. This feature takes advantage of an LEDs ability to illuminate instantaneously, providing a very immediate and distinct visual cue to other aircraft.

This increased recognition, even in broad daylight, potentially reduces the risk of midair collisions and bird strikes. As with all AeroLEDs products, the SunSpot Equinox consumes less power, is not affected by vibration and outputs a solid, even light beam that provides exceptional color rendering. The SunSpot 36 Equinox replacement LEDs utilize the existing PAR36 mount and electrical connections, with only a double pole double throw (DPDT) switch needed for dual modes.


  • Over 75% more light output than the competition
  • Power consumption: 100 watts max
  • Color temperature: Cool White
  • Built-in pulse mode
  • Easy installation
  • PMA/STC Certified

Eligible Replacements

    12V Light Replacements:
  • H7604
  • GE4509
  • GE4595
  • GE4700
  • Q4632
  • Q4631
  • GE4313
  • GE4503
    24V Light Replacements:
  • Q5587
  • GE4596
  • GE5596
  • Q5596
  • GE4593
  • GE4589
  • GE4502
  • GE4505
  • GE4627
  • GE4591
  • GE Q4591
  • GE4594
  • GE4626
  • GE4587
  • GE Q5587


Specification 01-1030-LT-12 01-1030-LT-24
Voltage 14V AC/DC 28V AC/DC
Current 7.1A Landing / 5.4A Taxi 3.5A Landing / 3.5A Taxi
Power 100 Watts
Pulse/WigWag Built In
Synchronization Optional
Thermal Protection Built In
Lumens 11,000
Candela 150,000 Landing / 50,000 Taxi
Beam Profile (@10% Peak) 20 x 20 Landing / 20 x 45 Taxi
Diameter 4.4
Depth 2.1
Weight 11.06 oz
Heat Sink Material Aluminum/Black Powder Coat
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Lens Protection Optional Film
Mounting PAR 36 Ring Clamp
MTBF >30,000 Hours
Temperature Range -55C to +70C



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