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ATS Push Rod Spring Compressor

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Part# 12-04809
MFR Model# CST173


You know how hard it is to get at the springs on the push rod tubes... Now, you can compress them and remove the tube in under a minute. Just slip this tool onto the spring and crank the shaft counterclockwise (an air ratchet works great for this) to compress the spring, and then give everything a wiggle and out it comes. The entire assembly remains lock in place with the spring compressed so that you can replace the tube and spring just as effortlessly by reversing the above steps. Itís really that easy! This tool will pay for itself in one top end job. Itís a must-have tool when working on big bore Continentals. This tool will fit all production engines Lycoming, Continental, Franklin, and even most old radials.
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Excellent Product

Wayne S Verified Purchase


February 15, 2022

I used this tool on a Continental O-300 with spring loaded pushrod tubes. I filed a chamfer on the inside radius to prevent damage to pushrod tube. This tool works very well at a fair price.

Ed W
February 2, 2020

Not great but not horrible either. As can be seen in the 2nd item picture, the left end bolt takes up a lot of room and after compression clearance between the bolt and engine must still be sufficient to disengage tube from cylinder end. Both of these result in only 4 spring coils being able to be compressed on my O-470-R. While this does reduce the total spring tension, significant manual effort is still required.

Greg V
June 12, 2019

I had to remove the nut at the base of the tool to get the tool on the spring Had welded a washer on the end to replace the nut. I have an O520 with GTSIO heads. 😢

Thomas J
May 19, 2021

Did not work. Waste of money

David D
October 22, 2019

Dont waste your money. It is poorly constructed and engineered.

October 22, 2018

Wish I never would have bought this tool. Very hard to use and does not fit in to let spring expand in place. Quadrupled my time to reinstall pushrod tubes. Wish I could return and buy a better tool.

Quality A
April 27, 2018


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